10 Interesting Facts About Your Skeletal System

10 Interesting Facts About Your Skeletal System

Your skeleton system is not just a structure made up of bones. It is as important as the bricks and woods are for the construction of a house. Without your skeleton system, you can’t imagine your organs to be intact and protected.

According to the doctors of the said anwar medical centre, from simple running to giving birth to a life, your body has the ability to multi-task thanks to the strong foundation of your body due to your skeleton system.

I am sure, reading all this is making you curious about your bones, ligaments, cartilages, and skeletal system. Right! 

If so, then have a look at the following interesting facts about your skeleton system.

  • 206 Bones Make Your Skeletal System

On average, an adult’s body is made up of 206 bones. All of these bones have an essential role in your body’s mechanics to function properly. 

  • Babies Have 300 Bones

You might be wondering that aforementioned I just said that we humans have 206 bones but now I am saying babies have 300 bones. You might find it confusing, Right?! No need to worry. Babies are born with almost 100 more bones. These bones don’t disappear, in fact, the tiny bones of the skeletal system of the baby join together to form larger bones.

  • Types of Bones

Your skeleton system is made up of two types of bones. If you think that your bone is only some kind of dense or hard material then you are wrong. According to radiologists of Peshawar, in a human body, only one type of your bone is hard and dense bone. This type of bone is known as “cortical bone”. These bones primarily are known as “structural bones”. This is one type of bone; the other type of bone is spongy and soft. This type of bone is called “trabecular bone”, and it is found in the large bones of your body such as the skull, ribs, and pelvis. As compared to cortical bone, it is less dense, but even then, it is quite protective and hard.

  • Spongy Tissue in Bones

Your bones have a certain spongy substance called bone marrow in them. This particular substance can be found in the large bones of our body such as the femur, pelvis, and hips. Stem cells are formed in the bone marrow. These stem cells are necessary for the production of various important cells of your body such as bone, brain, heart, and blood cells.

  • Ear Houses the Smallest Bone

Interestingly, your ear houses the smallest bone of your body. This bone is called “stapes or stirrup”. The reason why it is called by this name is that it is Y in shape. This bone along with the hammer and anvil bones are used by your ear to translate the sound waves to help you understand the sound.

  • Largest Bone

The largest bone in your body is called “femur”. This bone is present in your leg and it runs from your hip towards your knee. This bone is both the largest and strongest bone of your body. Now just imagine what wonders your bones are and the weight it handles all day long. Right! Hence, it is the strongest bone ever.

  • Highest Number of Bones in Your Hands and Feet

Interestingly, about 106 bones out of a total of 206 bones in your body are present in your hands and feet.

  • Your Bones Can Take Beating

Your bones are prone to wear and tear. They can even break. But you don’t have to worry as they are designed this way to be able to withstand this wear and tear. There are even certain bones in your skeleton system that are able to absorb 2-3 times the force of your body weight. Approximately, in a year, you walk 1-3 million steps. Hence, your bones are resilient and strong.

  • One Disconnected Bone

You must be thinking that what did you just read. Right! Well, you have read right, there is this one particular bone in your throat, it is called hyoid bone. This bone is not connected to any joint. This bone helps in holding your tongue in place.

  • Some People Have 13 Ribs

Last, but not least, everyone is born with 12 ribs. However, there are only 1% rare people who are born with a 13th rib as well. This extra rib is known as a cervical rib. Due to this extra rib, people suffer from neck pain and hence, this rib is often removed by the doctors.

Skeletal System Diagram:

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