10 Powerful Reasons To Have A Website

10 Powerful Reasons To Have A Website

1. To have an Online Presence

There are more than 2 billion people, about 1/3 of the world’s population have access to Internet. With a number of that size is almost impossible to ignore the power of a website Online. If you are the first to create an online presence, you, your product, business or idea can reach millions of people easily. Just think, to reach 1 million people is 0.0005% of the online community.

2. For Convenience

A website is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide information about your company, product or service to the consumer. No need to leave home or rearrange your day to have a simple question answered. The consumer can see their website at your leisure and discover exactly what you offer.

3. Marketing

Well, Attention to This Point. We all know what an ad costs and that means, and you have nothing safe and can expect to pay much more than it is worth. Traditional means many people are becoming a lost time at all has passed us spent hours looking for flipping through a newspaper and found nothing. It is much easier to use Google or Yahoo and type in who or what and where … Usually, immediate results.

4. Price

The price of advertising on traditional media is crazy! We can custom design a website for you at a realistic price. You can choose from an existing package, or we can setup your account. Here’s the bottom line, you will pay less for more if you do it yourself.

5. Updated  

It is much easier to change your look, I can easily see if your competition already has a website, send the information by mail.  While others are still spending on Flyers, posters etc which is not bad, but it’s too expensive and unproductive.

6. Credibility

The online presence is gradually becoming a standard. By now most of us know the sad feeling when we try to find the store or website of a Doctor and a Google map appears with a phone number and address. Or how about finding the website address of that restaurant, clicking on it and find what looks like a cartoon version of a website, cheap graphics and lots of unused space.

7. Attention and Customer Service  

Including a page called FAQ, you can save time and efforts of its staff. Customers can access their site and find the answers to your questions. For deeper questions customers may send staff and the response can be tailored to the specifics of the question.

8. Automation  

Your site can include bill payment system a planner or appointment notification option. This will save your staff time, saves you money and maximize your resources while.

9. RSS to do Back to Customer  

We can create a feedback system, where customers can say what they like, do not like or need. Customers can rate products, answer specific questions, or give the true feelings of a non-confrontational way.

10. SEO  

What is SEO is Search Engine Optimization. So what does that mean for you? In the Web page in Hours Trendy system includes special programs that increase the chances to be in the front ranks of the search engines.

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