2016 Acura NSX Review

2016 Acura NSX Review

When the car you are building gets direct input and design tips from a Formula 1 racecar driver like Ayrton Senna, it is certainly destined for glory. The NSX was designed with the help of one of the greats and went on to become a car which will revolutionaries the industry. For years, the brand went to produce a large number of great vehicles and it did so until 2005 when the NSX brand was pulled. But this was until the Detroit Show of 2016, when Acura unveiled its new NSX vehicle which promises potential for the future.

A quarter century has past and a number of vehicles have gone by from the development of the original to the 2016 year model. The new Acura NSX has taken a long way and some say that it has managed to achieve perfection with its 2016 model. The NSX is far superior opposed to the 2005 model and has taken a large makeover with some additional tuning and designs inputted, resulting in a prime vehicle.

This has actually been one of the most anticipated models on this year’s Detroit show, as there have been a number of concepts and teaser news which announced the production of a new NSX car. Longtime fans have been thrilled, as the NSX vehicle makes its comeback and it does so with style points. Information about release date you can find on newcarsreleasedates.com and other similar car blogs.

2016 Acura NSX Exterior

The new 2016 Acura NSX has been built to satisfy and bring you a new sports experience with by releasing its new mid-size supercar. The design of the exterior has been made to look the part and bring you every inch of extreme and speed which the car represents. What the developers say about their design is that they have incorporated a method which includes precision crafted performance, making the car built for speed which is able to act as a true performance vehicle.

This type of design has been under wraps for three years, and includes a clean sheet design which at the end had great results and a pretty useful and interesting concept. The exterior is all about low proportions which is combined with an interesting surface, making this car a true speedster. The NSX features the signature floating C-pillars, which transfers air to the rear deck in order to create downforce. Actually every element of the vehicle has been specially tested in order to achieve full aerodynamic properties.

With the great results they have achieved by individually testing each part of the vehicle, they have managed to come up with a design that not just manages to cut through air in the most perfect angle but also enables vehicle cooling, making it a perfect performance vehicle. Additionally, aesthetically speaking the car has a great design which will not only turn heads on the road because of its speed but because of its looks as well.

2016 Acura NSX Review


The overall process of designing the vehicle has been very peculiar. The designers have envisioned that the overall focus of the car remains on the driver and the comfort provided to the cockpit. For those reasons, the car has been designed from inside out and the results are great, shifting the focus to the driver has gained a lot of fans to the new 2016 Acura NSX.

This greatly adds to the new design capabilities of a modern supercar design, which gives the driver better vision of the road, handling and overall control of the vehicle. The focus has also been added to allow enhanced vision of the road, with the added comfort level in order to make the driver free and relaxed while driving and also very simple and easy to reach intuitive controls.

The enhanced added technology gives an impressive technological boost to the vehicle. With the added TFT system, the Integrated Dynamic System, which incorporates patient graphics and information available, and many more upgrades which enhance the drivability of the vehicle and makes it easier to drive. You will also notice a exposed midframe which interwoven with handcrafted leather and a strong and thing A-pillar design with a instrument panel mounted on it so as not to the driver’s vision of the road.


What you will find in the heart to of the new 2016 Acura NSX, since the engine has been fixed in the middle of the car, is a DOHC V6 engine with twin turbochargers. This is all connected with the 9-speed DCT transmission system which was made to enable the full potential of this engine to be released. The engine includes elements like a dry sump lubrication system and a compact valve train, which all helps the lowering of the center of gravity for the vehicle.

With the added three electric motors to the new Acura you will also be pretty impressed with its hybrid properties. The front wheels are entirely powered by electric engines while at the back a full on hybrid system is applied. This enables the 2016 NSX achieve a power of a power of now less than 500 horsepower and an outstanding acceleration from 0 to 60 mph record.


The price for the new 2016 Acura NSX vehicle has still not been released and no official stats have been given, but according to our expectations it is going to be somewhere north of 150.000 dollars.

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