3 Amazing Gifts That New Mothers and Their Babies Will Love

A new baby is a cause for celebration in the home. But as new mothers approach their due date, stress levels can be on the rise. Brand new mothers experience an increasing amount of stress and anxiety as they schedule and design a brand new setup for their baby-to-come. One way that friends and family can get in on making life easier for a new mother is to give her one of the following 3 unique gifts, each one sure to be used and loved by a soon-to-be mother.

1. Baby Baskets

These adorable new mother baskets actually cater to the little one on the way unlike the baby bouquets detailed below that are more for mum herself. With the addition of a cute little teddy bear, these baskets are fun to use and fun to look at. Other helpful products in-side the basket include baby shampoo, moisturizer and a darling baby bib.

2. Nappy Cakes

Nappy cakes are not cakes made from old nappies. Quite the contrary, these wonderful gifts are made up of lotions, nappies and other products that new mothers will need, love and use.

3. Baby Bouquets

Bouquets of flowers might be more appropriate for a new mother on the day of her baby’s birth, but what about a useful “flower bouquet” made up of singlets, face washers and bibs that are rolled up in the shapes of flowers. There’s even a teddy bear that can be added as a gift for a baby.
Imagine the smile that a new mother will get after receiving baby shower gifts like these. Shoppers can find these presents and more at Sandy’s Gifts & Hampers. Peruse their large selection of beautiful gifts by visiting their online boutique at www.sandygifts.com.au.

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