3 Inventions Of Science And Technology That We Would Hardly Know

Some of the inventions are so omnipresent that it is very hard to imagine that they started their journey with just an idea on the paper and got patented by the USPTO. Ballpoint pens, aluminum foil, adhesive bandages, microwave oven and computer mice are just some of the few ideas that became essential products in our lives that we now take for granted. But on the other hand there are several other inventions which we would hardly ever know they exist.


Military mind control

Helmets are protecting the heads of the soldiers since many years. Now with the advancement of technology these helmets apart from protection are having something new. The technology used in these helmets is known as the transcranial pulsed ultrasound. With this technology, high frequency sound waves are delivered to the particular region of the brain. Under the sound waves influence neurons send inclination to their targets. This will be great on the battlefield.

Insect assailants

Very few people know that the USPTO can apply orders of secrecy to a patent if their military and patent office staff think that the idea could be a threat to the national security. There are more than five thousand inventions, which we never see. The samurai micro drone is the latest invention of science and technology having weight of 5.29 ounces and thirty centimeter wingspan. This is a natured inspired drone, which will take photographs using a camera. The camera is mounted in the central hub of the ad get. This micro drone holds the capability of killing an individual with no or little collateral damage.

Bat suit

Many people have the desire to fly like birds in the sky. In the year 2011, an inventor was granted a patent for a flying suit, which is especially designed for bat style variation. The invention is amazing and have a strap on batlike on both sides with non-rigid and rigid portions that the wearer can manipulate easily. The suit is a little complicated to understand but what matters is that will it work?

These are the few inventions of the science, which you can see on the internet. But there are some of the inventions which we would never know in our lives because of the secrecy orders attached to them by USPTO. To see other amazing inventions visit the website where you will find amazing inventions that can thrill you.

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