3 Key Features Of The New Chevy Tahoe

When looking to buy a new vehicle, a potential buyer wants to know as much as possible about that model. Buying a car is an investment which requires a high level of satisfaction to go ahead and make the purchase. The new 2016 Chevy Tahoe has many features that are worth noting but there are three features in particular that deserve mentioning.

One of the key features of the new Tahoe is its sleek interior appearance. Our tendency as humans is that we like things that look nice and catch our attention. The Tahoe’s interior has a new sophisticated look and design that allows for seating for up to seven passengers, plus an enormous 94.7 cubic feet of storage space, including the seating area. The seats are furnished with perforated leather that allow for the seats to cool and heat. They are perfect for long road trips through the mountains near Greeley, CO, or for quick trips to the corner market.

Another feature worth mentioning is its new quiet cabin design. Many times we are filled with stress in our lives and we just want some quiet. This SUV offers that feature. When we want to get away from noise and hear nothing, then we can just sit back and relax in the luxurious seats. The engineers at Chevrolet have worked to reduce noise by using acoustic wheel liners that absorb road noise as well noise coming from pebbles spiking off the road onto your car. The windshield is also acoustic-laminated; the doors are triple-sealed inlaid which reduce wind noise and exterior noise. Noise from the exhaust and underbody is also blocked off with their thicker floor barrier and insulated interior and exterior dash.

A last feature that surely fits into our technologically advanced world is the placement of twelve charging locations throughout the car. We find ourselves always carrying our phone charger and looking to charge them if we see that the battery is running low. Thanks to their new design, everyone can have the opportunity to charge their phones or other electronic gadgets such as laptops, without having to wait for the other person’s phone to charge. The new car feature offers six USB ports so that we can connect our phones as well as a 110-volt three prong plug so that we may charge our laptop. It goes without saying that this new feature is very useful and convenient to fit our technological needs.

Upon reviewing some of the new features of the new 2016 Chevy Tahoe, one thing is certain; it offers new features that are worth mentioning. Its new sleek interior design, quiet and noise-reducing cabin, and multiple charging locations are just three of many features that this new car offers. These key features offer comfort as well as convenience to its new owners.

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