3 Keys To Handling Insomnia While Pregnant

Insomnia is very frustrating. It is especially frustrating for pregnant women. Women who are pregnant usually know that just about anything they put in their bodies affects their baby somehow as well. For those mothers-to-be suffering from insomnia, being pregnant can make it far more challenging to treat insomnia, as most over the counter products have to be avoided due to potential side-effects on the baby. If you are pregnant you especially need a good night sleep for the sake of your health and more importantly the babies health. Additionally, it’s important to keep your physician informed about your insomnia and your methods to treat it, even such gentle methods as these:

1. Aromatherapy

In order to avoid taking any internal herbs to help treat your insomnia, you can go the olfactory route and use aromatherapy. Aromatherapy could involve scented candles, bath salts or oils and even petals and dried herbs from an aromatic plant. Aromatherapy, with the correct scents, has been proven to help treat insomnia and anxiety. Lavender is safe to use and smells wonderful, in addition to being the best scent for relaxation and sleep. Other scents that can help insomnia include chamomile and rose. You might also consider playing some soothing music or sounds along with the aromatherapy. Relaxing smells and sounds can help you fall asleep.

3 Keys To Handling Insomnia While Pregnant

2. Bedtime Routine

During pregnancy, not can your hormones make you feel different, but your circadian rhythms –in charge of when you wake and when you sleep – can be different too, too. Establish bedtime routines and use them each and every time before you go to sleep. This will help trigger the brain to get ready for sleep, and can start the process for slowing down your body and creating drowsiness. Some good routines to use every night could include:

• Taking a warm bath
• Reading a book
• Preparing your bed
• Grooming yourself

Once you establish your routine, stick to it, particularly in the first couple of weeks when your brain is reprogramming itself.

3. Prepare for Insomnia

Being awake at 3 am for days on end is frustrating and it’s also hard to make good use of that unwanted awake-time. Instead of giving in to the aimless frustration of insomnia, prepare for it by setting aside activities and games just to do during this time. Have on hand:

• A craft or project box
• Sewing or mending
• Puzzles and games

These are all quiet activities that you can enjoy when everyone else is still asleep and yet feel like you are doing something productive with your time.

Insomnia and pregnancy are tough to battle, especially while pregnant, but these remedies should help even the toughest case. It is important that you get the proper rest while you are pregnant especially if you are in a high risk pregnancy (Source: Dr. Gilbert Webb USNews). Overcoming insomnia while you are pregnant may be hard but it will be worth it when you are ready to bring a happy and healthy baby into the world.

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