3 Pro Golfers’ Tips To a Better Swing

You’ve probably heard many times the importance of good form in your golf swing. But how can you make a difference to the way you swing? Many personal coaches will give you exercises or visualization techniques. In many cases, though, individual instruction is costly and creates a sense of dependence on the instructor. Instead, if you can isolate a few of the most common mis-takes that golfers make, you’ll be well on your way to a better game. Take these three tips and watch your game begin to improve.

1. Stop doing the “chicken wing”

It may have a funny name, but chicken wing is a serious problem for many golfers. If you have insufficient flexibility or shoulder strength, you may let your left arm begin to bend right after the striking point. To avoid the tendency, practice initiating with your lower body during downswing and do exercises that focus on your shoulders and lats.


2. Avoid casting

Casting happens when you breakdown during your downswing. As a result, the angle of your wrists changes prematurely. When one casts, in essence, the movement resembles that of a casting fisherman more than a golfer. To avoid the problem, strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms. Attend to the timing of your swing.

3. Put an end to the sway and slide

This problem usually arises when a golfer’s groin muscles, hips, legs and/or trunk are too tight. As a result, there is a tendency to sway to one direction in-stead of rotating. (Right-handed golfers usually lean right.) To fix it, practice groin stretches or extensions of your trunk, hip and legs.

Golf is just as demanding mentally as it is physically. If you like nothing more than perfecting your control of both the cerebral and physical sides of the game, check out Murray River’s unique offerings for golfers. Joining one of the many fun Murray River Golf trips is a good way to see local courses, including Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club (ngbc.com.au).

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