3 Tips For Designing A Website

3 Tips For Designing A Website

1: Friendly to Search Engines

Today, most Internet users seek what they need using search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask. These search engines provide search results based on the words that the user has provided. If you’re Web site contains the keywords in relevant places, has a good chance of appearing in the list of top sites so search engine referrals.

Therefore, you must choose the keywords that you think your target market will use in search engines. The most important should be placed on the title of each page, another in the first part of the homepage and in other segments of the pages of gathering information search bots, like META and Header tags and hyperlinks.

Experts recommend several Web pages designed to house content with different keywords, instead of including the entire main page. A good web designer knows how to place them for maximum benefit of search engines. This is called optimizing the site.

Build each page of your site keeping in mind the behavior of search engines. Avoid or keep to a minimum the use of frames-frames-menu Java Script and Flash pages generated dynamically and therefore slow down or prevent proper indexing of pages by search engines.

2: Effective Sales Pages

Concise description of the product or service. Detailed Description and characteristics in separate page. Photography or zoomable image, Price, Costs and shipping methods, Warranties, References, recommendations or comments from customers or users, Payment. Look for building confidence in the user, transparent information always helps. These are basics that you must adjust to the type of product or service your business.

The other essential element is the ordering system. Whether you develop a system for online sales, e-commerce, or to receive orders using conventional means of payment, such a system must be easy to use, fast and, above all, safe.

It is also essential to provide the client with an automatic confirmation notice of receipt of order and a means of tracking the same.

3: Maintenance and updating

Designing a Web site is the first step to be done once. Update is a recurring task to keep up with the changes required. Otherwise it will become obsolete and useless for the purpose you created it. Therefore, from the beginning, the design must take into account who, when and how the maintenance and updating of the site will be performed.

Add new information, products or services, update prices, contacts and personal email addresses, etc.., which sometimes involves adding new pages or edit existing ones, are tasks will be forced to do to keep your site updated.

You should seriously think about learning how to do it yourself or have someone in your company who can do basic and urgent updates. Meanwhile, you can hire these services with third parties. However, unless you what it is, will always require the help of an expert in web design to make changes beyond their skills.

To manage and update large volumes of content, which are required to update frequently, it is best to acquire and use a content management system.

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