3 Ways Social Media Has Helped Recovering Addicts

Social media is part of everyday life. Over the years we have grown from griping on twitter to connecting on Facebook and figuring out how to avoid every brand message possible. These social network platforms serve as a cause for people to search and share and this is especially true for anyone going through the daily grind of addiction.

Let’s take a look at the benefits social media brought to those working to kick their drug or alcohol habit.

3 Ways Social Media Has Helped Recovering Addicts

Free, Safe, and Secure

I know you probably think nothing on the internet is free, safe or secure – but let’s think it is. Social media enables recovering addicts a platform of communities to explore. No matter their personal network or mood during recovery, social media helps addicts reach out to a platform free of harm. People can take an incognito approach or become active supporting and sharing stories through these networks.

Similar to traditional Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, social media networks like onerecovery.com give power to the recovery process no matter the individual’s recourses. Even more mainstream networks such as Facebook or Twitter help in positive movement from habitual drug use through organized groups or hashtag searches.

Anytime Is a Good Time

The internet never sleeps. For addicts in recovery this can be both good and bad, as we all know there are influences everywhere. With over 1.47 Billion people using social media, support communities are active at all times.

If you are feeling stress from a bad day, anticipating a move, or having a craving the ability to log in and rely on your social network is hugely beneficial. There are no office hours for this support center. The accessibility of social media is a constant for any addict because it provides structure in an often unsecure environment.

Imagine the anxiety felt by one sixty days sober with a nagging thought of “well maybe this one time, no one would know”. Addicts can always call their sponsor but at random times, when feeling unsure this is where the social media stands alone.

Endless Information

It’s wild how much information we can find on the internet. For addicts fighting a habit going to the web is a must. Gaining knowledge from reading blogs, finding statistics, watching videos or reading treatment reviews helps addicts take control of their habit and the process of recovery.

Among the various communities are updates of inspiration and reminders of the pitfalls that may lay ahead. Information and the shared community knowledge are dangerous tools in the fight against an addictive habit.

So What Does It All Mean?

Its clear social media is not going anywhere and as we understand how to use it, we can benefit immensely.

Social media gets people interested in recovery.

These helpful outcomes and methods of social media are effective and may be even more so when combined with traditional drug rehabilitations like 12 Keys Detox. The community networks built around addiction are benefiting from a proactive approach to social media but still must be weary. Do you anyone kicking a habit with social media? Share your story in the comments below.

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