4 Business Technologies You Must Check Out

4 Business Technologies You Must Check OutBusiness has become a whirlwind with new technologies available from all different types of service providers, so at times it can be hard to choose what you do and do not need! I run my own business and use these 5 things I just could not do without, so I thought I would share them with you!

Wireless 4G

None of us business guys can do without the Internet, let’s face it, it’s our bread and butter and without it we are in the dark with our clients and staff! Huawei have some of the best wireless boxes around and you get a pretty good signal wherever you are, last year I went to the forest of dean in the UK and it still had full bars and the internet was as fast as ever! Huawei are now working on the 5G which should be available this year (2013).

Cloud Computing

This compliments the Wireless 4G Internet as we all need to access our data from anywhere in the world and the best way to do this is by using a cloud service (I generally use ShareFile.com). Cloud computing will keep you, your staff and your clients all in the loop whenever any of you are in the world! It is safe, it’s fast, it’s efficient and its needed to run any Internet business.

Computer/Server Security

Yes, we must talk about this one! As with any business in the world, the security is paramount. Employing IT staff to keep your network clean of bugs and viruses is a headache and one I know all too well, I turned to a service online that hosts all of the security software their side and monitors my entire network for me against hacker threats, viruses and more, the service I use is called TrendMicro.


Every business on the face of the planet needs leads! Many companies buy them or swap them and others find their own, like me. Over the years some crazy software has come out to gather leads from the Internet and they are sorted into nice manageable databases where you can sort through them, it collects data such as business address, phone number, country, business name and more… basically all of the data you would possibly need for contacting these companies, I personally use Power Leads Pro X but there are many of them on the market you would just need to search up on Google and find what works best for you!

Bio: Sophie runs a successful Internet company and travels around a lot, she has found all 4 of these business technologies immensely useful and still uses them this present day, though she is anticipating the release of the 5G!

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