4 Career Paths To Take With A Master’s Degree In Music

4 Career Paths To Take With A Master’s Degree In Music

Whether you are considering obtaining a master’s degree in music, or already have one but decided against your dream job after all, there are plenty of careers out there for people with a master’s in music. Even though teaching music is the obvious choice for someone with a music degree, there are other areas in which a master’s in music gives you an advantage.

Music Lawyer

Music lawyers work with songwriters, managers, producers, and record labels, drafting and negotiating distribution, music publishing terms, and music placement. They maintain contacts with record labels and get artists record deals and go through the labels’ contracts with the artists. Though a master’s in music is not the only degree that can get you a job as a music lawyer, and studying of law may be required as well, a music graduate degree can set you apart from other applicants.

4 Career Paths To Take With A Master’s Degree In Music


An accompanist provides the musical accompaniment for dance classes, events, recitals, choral groups, and any other event that involves an instrument (usually a piano) in the background. This naturally requires a knowledge of advanced piano playing and an ability to change up the song in accordance with the needs of the clients.

Music Education

Teaching music is what a lot of people with a music degree set out to do because they understand the importance of music education, having been through music school themselves. You can even earn a UF master of music education online, a program which offers advanced knowledge and practical teaching techniques. A music teacher with a master’s is well-equipped to either teach in school, give private lessons, or direct a band or chorus.

Talent Representation

Talent representation can involve artist management, record label representation, or being a booking agent. Like a music lawyer, any of these occupations involve maintaining contacts to some degree and knowing about the business end of the music industry. Someone with a master’s in music and enough business skills can go on to be a representative of a major label or the management of a big band or artist.

These are not the only career paths for someone with a graduate music degree. The possibilities are endless. If you love music and want that to be your field of study, there are plenty of fulfilling jobs that can serve as an inspiration for what you will do once your studying is complete.

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