4 Enjoyable Careers That Don't Require Much Schooling

In an effort to obtain a good job, some people choose to attend a four-year university. Unfortunately, attending college does not guarantee future success or happiness. Upon graduation, some people find themselves uninterested in their chosen career path. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to attend a traditional university in order to acquire a fulfilling job. Here are four enjoyable jobs that do not require much schooling.

Police Officer

A police office is one of the most important jobs in the world. Although there are certain risks involved, the fulfillment of knowing that you are providing a worthwhile service to the community is priceless. While police departments do require comprehensive background checks, a bachelor’s degree is not usually required. After the recruits graduate from the police academy, they will be one step closer to officially becoming a sworn police officer.

4 Enjoyable Careers That Don't Require Much Schooling


For decades, people have frequented barbershops to get haircuts. A barber is one of the few professions that are relatively recession-proof. Not only does being a barber offer job stability, but it also enables creative individuals to showcase their talents. The best part is that becoming a Portland barber usually takes less than a year. Once you hone your skills at a barbering school, you will be on the road towards success. Prospective barbers can look forward to working in a low-stress environment while mingling with the community.

Real Estate Broker

The real estate field offers a lot of promising opportunities. Although the starting pay for a real estate broker hovers around $40,000, there is a potential to make over $100,000 in earnings. After completing a training course, the aspiring real estate broker will need to pass an exam in order to obtain their state license. Although very little schooling is necessary, social networking is a must in order to build up clientele.

Advertising Sales Agent

An advertising sales agent is the perfect career for people that have an inviting personality. Although experience can be beneficial, there are virtually no education requirements. Most advertising companies prefer to train their own employees. If you have effective critical thinking skills and an ability to interact well with others, an advertising sales agent may be the perfect job for you.

Do not listen to the critics who say that attending a traditional university is the only way to obtain a fulfilling job. There are plenty of gratifying jobs that do not require a lot of schooling.

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