4 Heavy-Duty Truck Customizations For Mudding

4 Heavy-Duty Truck Customizations For Mudding

Any truck owners who have found themselves entering the world of mudding will quickly realize that there is a nearly infinite amount of upgrades and alterations for their ride. While these improvements will most likely never come to an end, there are some essentials that every driver will want. Here is a look at four of the most important upgrades and accessories to get you started on the right track.


Around 250 billion new tires are made every single year, but an exceptionally small amount of these tires are designed to withstand the rigors of mudding. The overall size of the tire is important, but going too big will require a massive overhaul of shocks, lift kits, and brakes. Instead, those new to the world of mudding will most likely want to focus on the tread and aspect ratio. This includes a deep and wide tread for grip with a high aspect ratio that will allow for maximum clearance and flexibility on the sidewalls.


Another common mistake is focusing on the horsepower of a mudding vehicle without thinking about the braking system. A ripped brake line or damaged rotor will mean an instant end to a ride, and updating the braking system is often more affordable than getting better power out of the engine. Some of the basic upgrades to consider for brakes include ventilated rotors, braided steel hoses, and a power brake upgrade on older vehicles.

4 Heavy-Duty Truck Customizations For Mudding

Air Snorkel

When the air intake sucks in mud and debris, it will flood the engine and lead to expensive repairs. If the exhaust system becomes backed up with mud, it will cause pressure and lead to stalling. The best way to avoid this is with intake and exhaust air snorkels from places like Tonka 4-Wheel Drive Ltd. The average air snorkel is a simple upgrade that is vehicle-specific and often requires nothing more than bolting it on and sealing the lines off.

Rescue Winch

One of the single most important upgrades that anyone can get for their off-road vehicle is a rescue winch. It is always a good idea to go off-roading or mudding in groups, but even in a group of vehicles, a powerful winch can become a lifesaving tool. Winches are broken down by weight class and may need to be custom fit to the frame of the vehicle. Truck owners can opt for either front or rear winches depending on their own driving style, needs, and budget.

When it comes to mudding, it is not a question of if you will experience mechanical problems, but when you will. These few upgrades will help keep your ride running smooth no matter the terrain.

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