4 Interesting Features That You Do Not Know About Gmail

Most of the people use Gmail because it is one of the most popular email services available around the globe. It provides the astonishing features such as emails becoming separated into Primary, Promotions and Social. It has a search oriented edge and a conversation opinion identical in an Internet forum.

4 Interesting Features That You Do Not Know About Gmail

Google introduced the combine of their storage access free of cost across Google+, Gmail and Google drive Photos permitting users up to free storage 15 GB for using across their accounts. Google Hangouts are an omnipresent feature of the Gmail helping the consumers for supporting video chats of 10 video calls. All Gmail’s features are really astonishing and the consumers are fairly well-versed with them. There are some hidden features of the Gmail that are unknown to people and a few of them are mentioned below:

1. Faster loading

If anyone has a slow internet connection, this email service provider may acquire some minutes for loading completely. But you can also shift to Gmail’s basic version that will load quicker just by addition of? ui=html to the standard URL of the Gmail.

2. Save attachments straightly to the Google Drive

Users can see and store attachments straightly to the Google Drive with eliminating the need of leaving the opened mail, revealed by Google in recent days. From the context, it means that if you want to save the attachments straightly to the Google Drive, you can do this and there is no need of downloading them. In addition to it, this new feature also enables you for moving the attachments to particular folders and also with the ability of downloading a Gmail file.

3. Message backups

If you wish to back up your mails, then there is an availability of easy way of doing this. This can be made possible for you with the feature of signing up to a backup email account. You can make settings for your Gmail account by doing such things in order to forward mail to the primary Inbox. You need to follow the instructions. Go to Settings and then select Forwarding and then POP or IMAP. When you have arrived there, just you have to choose an option “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” and then type in your email address.

4. Multiple addresses

In any case, if you wish to contain multiple email addresses from your regular email ID and wish to receive the identical mails in all the accounts, then there is an availability of this option from the Google. All you require to do is to substitute a full stop to your address.

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