4 Proven Image Variations for Social Media

Publishing images on social media is a good way to expand your reach and engage more people. However as much as it is important to be consistent, there is a thin line between consistent and boring – which is why you should use several different image variations and mix things up from time to time.

While there are many image variations that you could create for social media, there are four in particular that you probably want in your repertoire:

  • Photos with a story

Photos are good, certainly – but photos that tell a story are even better. It doesn’t have to be a complicated story by any means, but there should be some implied meaning behind the photo.

One of the easiest ways to create photos that tell a story is when people are involved. A particular expression, gesture or some other type of body language could make for a compelling storyline if captured in a photo.

  • Text over photos

More often than not this variation is used to attach quotes to photos, but it can be applied in other situations as well. The main idea is that the text you add should relate to the photo in some way contextually.

In some cases the photo is used to accentuate the text, as is the case when attaching quotes to photos. On the other hand the reverse can work just as well, and a well-placed caption can give context to the photo instead.

  • Collages

Placing several images together in a collage can be used in several ways to provide a comparison or create a timeline. Arguably one of the more popular ways in which this type of image variation is used is for ‘before and after’ photos, but it can also be used to highlight contrast, show different perspectives, or tell a story.

  • Screenshots

It may seem strange, but taking a screenshot is easy and it is actually a very powerful image variation for social media as you can use it to ‘quote’ or refer to content. Typically it is used when linking to online content, and allows you to point out a part of an article, video, or image that you found interesting.

With a bit of editing to highlight a paragraph of text in the screenshot, draw a frame, or even just add a big old arrow – you could turn it into a useful image.

As you’ve probably noticed most of the image variations listed above require you to be able to edit your images – albeit in minor ways. The good news is that you can easily find places where you can download photo editor for free, and for example you could try Movavi Photo Editor (https://www.movavi.com/photosuite-download/) if you’re looking for one.

Now that you’re aware of these four proven image variants, make it a point to try to use them on your social media feed. Try to find ways that you can tailor them to your audience, and give them a fresh type of image so that you’re able to engage them more effectively.

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