4 Secrets To Staying Peaceful With Your Partner During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding and challenging times in any relationship. A relationship can grow and strengthen during a pregnancy by keeping a few concepts in mind.


Hormones associated with pregnancy can keep a woman’s emotions on quite a roller coaster. While you don’t want to add to her stress, keeping important information from her is not a good idea. Pregnant women are very intuitive and will most likely figure out that something is up. Honesty is always the best policy. Listen and discuss issues and deal with them together as best you can.

4 Secrets To Staying Peaceful With Your Partner During Pregnancy


Be sure your pregnant partner is getting proper nutrition, exercise and extra rest. Being tired is a normal part of the first trimester of many women’s pregnancies. Feeling nauseated is also a common part of the first trimester. Watch for signs of exhaustion and nausea and allow the expectant mom to get extra rest. These feelings of nausea and exhaustion usually pass during the second trimester.

Proper exercise during pregnancy is crucial. It will improve mood and help the expectant mom feel and look better. Exercise with your partner and help her have time to exercise. If you are unsure of how much exercise is best for you while pregnant, consider consulting a high-risk obstetrician like Dr. Gilbert Webb in St. Louis or a physician in your area.


Sex is an important part of any relationship. Some women are not interested in sex much during pregnancy. But some women are more easily aroused and more interested in sex during pregnancy. A partner’s romantic advances will be more likely to lead to a happy physical conclusion if the partner is aware of any discomfort the pregnant partner may have and looks out for non-verbal cues as to whether she is interested in sex or not.

Pregnant women who are not feeling that passionate should also be aware of their partner’s needs as well. A little cuddling can lead to passion. Consider having regular dates and a continuation of romance and sex in a relationship throughout a pregnancy unless there are specific health reasons not to participate in sex.


Putting together a nursery, taking parenting and birthing classes and going to doctor appointments are a great way to build a couple’s relationship and prepare for the birth of the baby. A strong relationship between two people is always built on conquering troubles and celebrating joys together. If you both feel the need for parenting support or someone to chat with, consider chats like this one on WebMD.

Relationships can break down during pregnancy. Looking for and avoiding these basic pitfalls can make a relationship stronger and result in a happy life for you and your family.

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