4 Things To Consider When Designing Bathroom

We may not realize it, but bathroom is actually important for our mental health. It allows us to escape the daily stress. By showering, we are often able to improve our emotional state of mind. In order to improve our bathroom, we should make sure that it has the proper design. Here are things that we need to consider:

  1. Layout: Layout influences product selections and space usages. We should think about the requirements of all family members, such sink size, specific appliances and others. Shower is often part of daily ritual, while bathtub is used only occasionally. Whatever we do, we should minimize inefficient usages of space in the bathroom. We should also consider semi-visual or total privacy in this situation.
  2. Style: Our bathroom may have specific style, such as away from traditional and have a more contemporary look. In this situation, we will need to use simple detailing, sharp edges and modern lines. Even if we use traditional lines, it is more likely that some contemporary, modern elements come through. When choosing style, we should be consistent. We can still add one or two elements from other styles, but they shouldn’t be overpowering or cause confusion. A good bathroom space should become a home spa, where we can seek quick relaxation; a place where it is easy to decompress and prepare us for another day.
  3. Vanity fair: When deciding on cabinetry, the options can be rather endless. Things can be so a la carte that we have inconsistent and confusing style in the bathroom. In some cases, we may want to ditch, standard cabinet style. It is important for us to maximize the entire storage area. Vanity design styles should be straightforward and simple, with clean lines and small ornamentation; even if we choose traditional path. Colors should match with one another.
  4. Shower elements: When designing the shower area, we should think about what we immediately want to reach with our fingertips. Showerheads that can also function as handheld ones are things that we may want to use. Some shower areas have high-tech solutions, such as waterproofed, small touchscreen display that allows us to define presets of water volume and temperature. It means that we can immediately define the characteristic of water that we want to use.

After considering the above things, one question will always remain the same, what should it cost to remodel or update the bathroom? We should know that the cost tend to vary depending on our location and the scale of the project. On average, the bathroom remodelling project could cost us about $35,000. For a complete package, the whole project require up to $60,000 or more, especially if we want to include every amenity available in the market. In fact, a well-equipped and well-designed bathroom could be equal to the price of a car. However, any investment should allow us to get considerable value to our home. However, some projects can be as low as $10,000 – depending on what we want to accomplish.

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