4 Things To Consider When Washing Car At Home

Professional car wash services spring up in many corners to help those who are levied by modern, fast-paced lifestyle. However, some people are still able to find wash their own cars every a couple of days. In reality, car washing can be an exciting family activity. Here are things we should consider before washing our cars:

1. Check the weather:

Before planning to wash the car, we should take note of the prevailing weather condition. Windy, rainy days may necessitate us to wash the car in a roofed area. During a dry, extremely day; we may require more water to wash the car. In a particularly hot condition, water could dry up very quickly leaving spots on the car, especially if the area is dusty.

2. Make preparation:

Instead of using buckets, it is preferable to use hose with spray nozzle when washing your car. It should be noted that strong jet water could eventually erode the paint of the car if used too often. Use moderate water pressure and the right type of car washing detergent. Apply the detergent with only 100 percent cotton cloth or sponge. Don’t use towel rags or any kind of clothes that may cause fine scratches on the paint. Towel may also carry a bit of dirt causing even deeper scratches.

3. Start from top:

It’s a basic cleaning tip. We should clean our car from the top. Wet the roof with enough water. Apply some detergent and rinse it immediately if the weather is dusty and hot. In essence, the car should still be through the entire washing process to avoid formation of spots on the paint. Continue until the lowest part of the car. Clean the tires with fine steel wool to scrub off the dirt and grime.

Openings of the wheel plates can be cleaned with circular-wheel brush. Use ample clean, dry 100 percent cotton cloth to quickly dry the car. When spots already form on the surface, spray the area again and dry it with the cotton cloth.

4. Check water usage:

It is a fact that professional car wash services use water more efficiently than when people wash their own cars at home. Make sure that you use only biodegradable soap, because water will flow into the drain and eventually to the river, lake and sea. It is preferable to wash the car on the lawn; so some of the detergent will be absorbed by the grassy layer.
There are obviously a few more things we should consider.

As an example, we shouldn’t use soap that degrades the luster and sheen of the paintwork. Appropriate glass cleaner product and microfiber towel can make the windows and mirrors sparkling. Before washing the car, make sure to clean bugs and bird droppings with damp, cotton cloth. Follow the instruction before applying the wax coating and do this only after the car is thoroughly cleaned, because dust and stray dirt could be embedded within the thin wax layer.

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