5 Camping Delights Near Mumbai For Your Nomadic Soul

Life in a city that never sleeps can be tough affair. For Mumbaikars, a quick getaway, mostly on weekends, has become a necessity. While you may have heard about people taking out their bikes for long journey back and forth and going to the most remote spots in search for tranquility during weekends; there are other activities for the city dwellers, still in their nascent age. Camping, is one of them.

When it comes to camping, the few things that might appears in your mind are hills, clusters of fern trees, cool air and a river bank. This might be due to the popular pop culture, but in reality camping is an activity of the wanderers. If you’re a city slicker, going away from the outskirts and camping under the starry sky on a weekend might seem like a tiresome task. But it’s all about your will to overcome obstacles and finding a better you that counts – one that provides solace to your nomadic soul.

5 Camping Delights Near Mumbai For Your Nomadic Soul
Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, is filled with a fast paced lifestyle. A city where it’s tough to find some time out for yourself. In such scenario, people come out with unique ideas to kill their monotonous routine and come closer to life. Camping, in recent times, has come out as one such activity which has got several admirers and is fast picking up. Here are some really fantastic spots near Mumbai to enjoy camping at its best.

Lonavala: Famous as one of the most visited hill station in Maharashtra, it also coming up as a great spot for camping enthusiasts. Though it gets crowded during weekends, but you can always find some pretty spot away from the noise. There are several beautiful points that can be enjoyed along with camping and not to forget that there are good restaurants and hotels in Lonavala at one’s disposal.

Durshet: Durshet is pure marvel of nature and is located at a distance of about 100km from Mumbai and Pune. The small town is famous for its untouched natural beauty and adventure activities. You can choose to camp on the banks of Amba river and enjoy a quiet night, with just the sound of the river.

Pawna Lake: Located in the Sahyadri Ranges, this natural paradise is formed around the Pavana Dam and sees regular backpackers and campers. The stunning waterfront and added adventure activities makes it an ideal camping destination near Mumbai.

Maval: Surrounded with the rural charm, this scenic village in the Sahyadri Range, is fast becoming an ideal destination for camping near Mumbai. With the super balmy experience in its kitty, this getaways is a must visit for everyone.

Revdanda Beach: This picturesque village is located about 125km from Mumbai. the great thing about this destination is that it is still untouched from commercial thrust and successfully captures the beauty of nature.

These getaways near Mumbai are a good way to kill the monotony away. If you like adventure activities, then camping would surely entice you soul and bring you closer to nature. And with such beauties lying in the vicinity, there would surely be many takers for camping in Mumbai.

Author Bio: Anjali is a professional travel blogger with years of experience in tourism in India. She also writes for travel websites as a guest author and recommends best travel tips and destinations.

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