5 Different Television Options For The Avid Consumer

5 Different Television Options For The Avid Consumer

Television is not what it used to be–in more ways than one. While the content on TV has gone from simple sitcoms like I Love Lucy to reality TV about wealthy housewives in different area codes, an even bigger evolution is happening. What we used to watch from a large television box, we can now watch in the palm of our hands.

There are more ways to watch TV these days, making it more accommodating for our busy lives. Whether you are at home or at the airport, you have access to TV, and here are 5 ways that you can still get in your daily fix of reality TV.

1. Satellite TV

The main source of entertainment while at home is through satellite. This has come a long way to make it easier to watch all of your shows and movies. Not only can you DVR multiple channels at one time, but you can get just about any movie or show through On Demand. You also have access to nationally syndicated stations with one click, or you can simply click for local information, if that is your cup of tea.

5 Different Television Options For The Avid Consumer

2. Internet TV

One word. Apple. With more channels and easier viewing, Internet TV is quickly moving up the popularity scale. Channels such as iTunes Radio, PBS, Yahoo! Screen and more have recently been added and make this a much more desirable way to watch TV. If you really research and learn the ins and outs of Internet TV, you might find ways to create MP3’s out of your television viewing experience (YouTube counts, right?)

3. Streaming

Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming capabilities make it easy to access your favorites easily and conveniently. If you missed your show last night, don’t fret; you can stream it tomorrow. With these new streaming companies buying rights left and right to provide you more programming options, it’s hard not to get sucked into the allure of instant viewing.

4. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps with TV capabilities (save for your Internet-based ones like Hulu or Netflix, for example) is still a work in progress, but it is still creating a challenge for TV stations and satellite providers. According to news sites, “Internet-based services…have gotten millions of viewers accustomed to catching shows on tablets and phones.” Satellite companies are jumping on the bandwagon and creating apps as well, but this all comes with stipulations and blackouts while companies haggle for fair rights deals.

5. Cable

Believe it or not, cable TV is still out there and it is still used. You still see people getting their fix from an antenna on their roof (barring any unforeseen weather conditions that cut the programming).

Watching TV is not what it used to be; in fact, it’s almost completely different. From streaming TV to mobile apps, there are now more convenient ways to keep up with a world that thrives on real-time access to content. Gone are the days when you have to be on your couch to catch your favorite shows. Now it is just a matter of choosing how and when you want to watch those shows.

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