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5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Renovate Your Home

It is nothing new that our ecological environment needs support and protection. Much has been already said so there is no need to go all over again. But what if eco-updating the house would help to save some money? Sounds interesting, right? After all, it is hard to make people do something for the other’s benefit. But when it comes to them, it is much easier.

There is a common error to think that eco-homes are unseparated from the modern hi-tech designs. But it is nothing like that. Few simple steps can lead to the great changes such as reducing carbon emissions and saving energy and the money. So here they are.

Getting Solar Power System

They may seem expensive at first, but they are one of these things that always pays off. The best way to start is learning who invented solar panels, how much they cost, and how much they can save you.

Investing in solar panels requires money but in the long-term perspective, you will get the benefits. What about the savings? First of all, since sunlight is free, a user has to pay only for the panels and their installation. And second, the Feed-in Tariff. This payment program is established by the government for encouraging those with the renewable energy generators. Then it is only the matter of time to see how electricity bills are reduced. Getting high-quality solar panels for the home will make a significant change in life.

Installing Underfloor Heating

It is usual to consider the installment is only for the new buildings. However, it is possible to do this for the older homes as well. Bathrooms are the best place to start. What are the benefits? For the interior beauty experts, they are a good and less ugly alternative to the wall radiators. When it comes to functionality, they heat a larger area, provide even distribution of heat and are compatible with the tiles and stone.

Using Local Resources

Here works the same principle as with the food. Many agree that fruits from the farmer’s market are more beneficial than fruits that were delivered from the other country. Then why not to think the same way about building materials and hand workers. Besides the faster and easier process of connection, it allows supporting the economics of the region.

Buying Recycled Materials Furniture

Organic furniture is getting all more appreciation and it is not by accident. Such furniture helps in improving the air quality in the house. It is especially important for the families with children, cause they may be quite sensitive to the toxins in the massed produced furniture. Fabrics sometimes also contain substances, properties of which are yet unknown and therefore can cause allergic reactions. Organic fabrics are in turn free of toxins and have a positive influence on the health.

Another reason to choose recycled materials furniture is the fact it is often handcrafted and as a consequence – unique. Moreover, it has high quality and lasts really long time. It can be even passed to the next generation and become a family heirloom.

Choosing Eco-friendly Paints

It is better to choose eco-friendly alternatives instead of the oil-based paints, which are less energy-efficient. Eco-friendly paints are basically water-based paints with pigments. They are more natural and look accordingly. And this small swap can greatly influence the indoor air. Toxic paints contain such harmful substances as VOCs, fungicides, and biocides. All of them can increase a chance of the getting many diseases including cancer.

For the getting the safest option it is worth to look for the “low-VOC” label.

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