5 Fantastic Design Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom This 2015

This 2015, make your personality stand out by choosing the right styles, shapes, and sizes for your bedroom. Using the right types of bedroom furniture, you can turn your bedroom into a reflection of your hobbies and your personality. Whether you prefer rustic designs, vintage accessories, or contemporary accents, this list will surely help you exemplify your chosen motif and style. Change your room’s atmosphere by trying some of these ideas.

1. Country Themed

Let your bedroom offer a warm embrace by transforming it into a beautifully designed country bedroom. Add appeal to a dull bedroom by using antique wood furniture and vintage artwork. You also need to maintain a single color pattern to keep everything minimalistic. Family heirlooms, primitive porcelains, and painted furniture are just some of the items that you can use to decorate the bedroom’s headboard. You can even use sunny yellows or bright blues to give the room a bit of a posh vibe.

5 Fantastic Design Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom This 2015

2. Relaxing Style

Just by using bamboo blinds and white curtains, you can easily add a relaxing vibe into your bedroom. Let the natural light from your window filter through the bedroom to make it look more calming. Blues, greens, and grays – these are the colors that would work best for a bedroom with a relaxing theme. These colors have very relaxing appeal which is ideal, especially since the main purpose of your bedroom is to let you unwind. To make a bedroom stylish yet tranquil, you can use orange or red to break the dominance of neutral color in the interior finishing.

3. Vintage bedroom furniture with Midcentury Accents

Combining pieces from different periods can instantly make your bedroom look classy and elegant. You can use vintage wood furniture to add a vintage touch to the room. Moreover, midcentury accents such as cool gray and blue colored window treatments will make the room look more contemporary and relaxing.

4. Using Simple yet Appealing Designs

Less is more when it comes to design. If you want the interior finishes of your bedroom to be simple, then use neutral yet appealing furniture and accents. This minimalist idea will work best if you don’t want to crowd your room with too many details. Selecting a white wall as a backdrop will be your safest option. After that, you can use a single color accent to avoid making the room look dull. Depending on your preferences, you can add an accent of deep red color or a dash of blue hue to add vibrancy to the entire room.

5. Personalizing Your Room

Infuse your bedroom with your own creativity and personality. This will help you save time and money, most especially if you can customize the furniture and accents that you will be using. As mentioned, you can channel your dreams and passions into the design of the room. Either display your collections or artworks to transform your bedroom into a personal showroom.

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