5 Home Science Devices You Didn't Know Were Affordable

Have you ever seen something that you thought was really cool but were convinced that you could never afford to own one yourself? Science-based tech gadgets typically sport hefty price tags and are out of reach for many people. However, there are some really cool gadgets that you can afford to have in your own home. If you have an inner science nerd, you will love this list of five science devices you thought you couldn’t afford that are actually cost-effective.

1. Fetal Doppler/Baby Heart Monitor

When you think of an ultrasound, you probably think of a cold, sterile doctor’s office and uncomfortable paper-wrapped tables. However, handheld home Doppler monitors are now available for purchase. They start as low as $30 and can be purchased online or at other retail stores. Doppler machines should be used with caution, but can be a valuable asset to a pregnant mother if used properly.

2. Telescopes

If you are curious about the night sky, it doesn’t have to be that far from your reach at all. Telescopes start out at around $70 and you can do all the star gazing you want right from your own backyard. Learn about the constellations or see a meteor shower up close and personal; the possibilities are endless.

5 Home Science Devices You Didn't Know Were Affordable

3. Microscopes

You probably used a microscope back in science class as a kid to view slides of various things. Microscopes like those, and even more modern microscopes can be purchased for home use for a very reasonable price. Do you want to see how many germs are living on your counters, or in your mouth? Maybe you just want to show your kids how cool a bug looks, or how dirty their hands really are. Some digital microscopes at Microscope.com start at just $99 and will make you feel like a scientist in your own home.

4. Solar Power in Action

Solar power is an amazing thing to be able to harness. If you could use the power of the sun to bake a pizza, start a fire while you are camping, or heat your hot water in the tank, why not do it? For many people, using solar energy feels like a far-off expensive dream. Solar panels are expensive and cost a lot of money to maintain. Here are two sources of solar energy that you can easily afford because they are practically free:

  • Build your own solar oven with these directions
  • Make a solar fire starter for your next hiking or camping trip

5. Otoscope

An otoscope is what your doctor uses to look into your ears each time you have a check-up. It is an incredibly useful tool if you know how to use it. If you have small children at home it can help you identify an ear infection before it gets out of control. You can also use it to determine if ear pain is caused by a build-up of ear wax. They are not hard to learn how to use and start at under $100. A great investment in an awesome science device that will help your family stay healthy.

There you have it: five great science devices that you can actually afford. Hopefully this list will help you find some new things to add to your home that will be fun to use, helpful, and satisfy your inner science nerd. If you have kids at home that love to study the world around them, many of these items will be a valuable asset to them as well. There’s a big world out there to study and explore, so get to it!

Information Source: http://www.microscope.com/digital-microscopes/dino-lite

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