5 Ideas For a Great City Break in Oslo!

Dream of the most exciting Scandinavian weekend?
So it’s time to visit Oslo!

If you are looking for a great destination for your vacation and want to spend the first-class European weekend, you should certainly set off to Oslo! “But why Oslo? There are a lot of other attractive places in Europe?”- You can object. Oh, good question! But the answer is obvious. Oslo has one unique feature: this is a great place for those who like quiet weekends and for those who cannot live without fun and adventures! In short, this is one of the best tourist destinations for everyone! So, if you want to check out several interesting ideas for your holiday in Oslo, you should only grab some cash, get a rental car (must have!), forget about all problems and enjoy your trip! Let’s go!

1. Stroll among the sculptures in Vigeland Park

Location: Kirkeveien, 0268 Oslo, Norway
GPS Position: 59.924974, 10.708102
Length of visit: 2-3 hours
Vigeland Sculpture Park is a unique sculptural complex which attracts more than 1 million tourists every year! Powerful fantasy of author recreated 227 sculptures and reflects all stages of human life! You can see with your own eyes the whole range of human feelings and relationships: childhood and youth, love, friendship, motherhood, joy, sadness, withering, sickness, death, and much more. You won’t find the same fantastic sight anywhere else! By the way, it’s a great place to relax or just escape from the city’s bustle.
Admission: free
Hours: summer 10am-5pm, winter 12pm-4pm

2. Get a thrill in Tusenfryd!

Location: Tusenfryd, 1407 Vinterbro, Norway
GPS Position: 59.747018, 10.779045
Length of visit: 3-4 hours
Located only 15km from the city, Tusenfryd amusement park is the most extreme amusement park in Scandinavia! The park has quite a unique roller coaster «Speed ??Monster» – a racing car, which can reach speed of 90 km/hour just in two seconds! During the «Speed ??Monster driving» you get 7 times into a weightless state and feel like a Formula 1 driver! In addition, the park has a lot of other interesting activities which you shouldn’t miss!
Admission: over 120cm – $62, under 120 cm – $50
Hours: daily 10.30am-5pm

3. Feel the city at the Karl Johans Gate!

Location: Karl Johans Gate, Oslo, Norway
GPS Position: 59.91437, 10.736968
Length of visit: 1-2 hours
Karl Johans Gate is the main street of Oslo and the most famous shopping street in Norway, where you can meet a lot of actors, musicians, artists and merchants! The street stretches from the East Railway Station to the Royal Palace. You can visit here such magnificent buildings as the National Gallery, the Historical and Ethnographic Museum and National University. This is the best place to immerse into bustling city’s atmosphere and spend some unforgettable hours.
Admission: free
Hours: recommended 10am-6pm

4. Get beautiful views in Holmenkollen!

Location: Kongeveien 5, 0787 Oslo, Norway
GPS Position: 59.961928, 10.666627
Length of visit: 1-2 hours
Holmenkollen is a famous ski jump, which is located on a hill and rises above Oslo. This amazing construction can be seen from anywhere in the city. Jumping height is 60 meters, so you can climb to the observation deck on top of it and enjoy breathtaking views of the capital and the Oslo Fjord! In the evening landscapes are much more impressive!
Admission: free
Hours: recommended 10am-6pm

5. Enjoy opera in Oslo Opera House!

Location: Kirsten Flagstads Plass 1, 0150 Oslo, Norway
GPS Position: 59.9065, 10.753317
Length of visit: 2-3 hours
If you are fond of lovely opera music or you are just an architecture buff, a visit to this place is essential! Snow-white opera house, built of white granite and white marble looks like a small square extending from the sea. You don’t need to buy any tickets to enjoy its amazing beauty! You can also climb up the sloped roof to soak up gorgeous views over the bay!
Admission: sightseeing-free, opera tickets $18-85
Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm

Where to get a rental car in Oslo?

If you want to reach all attractions quickly and comfortably, you should certainly get a rental car! There are no reasons to use taxi or public transport – forget about it! Moreover, rental car allows you to save your time, money and nerves! Don’t know where to get it? Get a rental car directly at one of the Oslo Airports! Follow http://norway.rentalcars24h.com/oslo-gardermoen-airport#tips and check out all car rental tips!

Welcome to amazing Oslo!

Author Bio: Lily Berns loves to travel. She adores getting to know new cultures and meeting new people from all over the world. She also writes about renting a car in different countries, especially for RentalCars24h.com

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