5 Reasons Why Being Plus Size Is Cause For Celebration

In a world where the vast majority of people seem to be obsessed with skinniness, it can be difficult to take any real pleasure in being a so-called ‘plus size’ woman.  Everywhere you look, influential faces and figures seem to be slowly but surely disappearing right before your eyes as the world’s fashion gurus and style icons embrace all things wafer-thin and brittle.

But here’s the thing – we’ve finally entered an era wherein women of all shapes and sizes are no longer sitting idly by and allowing themselves to be categorised.  Simply being told ‘you are this, you must wear this, you must not wear that’ and so on and so forth is if anything doing nothing less than serving as a catalyst for the fire already burning in millions of hearts. Or to put it another way, strong, confident and incredibly happy women all over the world are embracing who they are, the bodies they’ve been given and the freedom they have to do whatever they want, however they want.

5 Reasons Why Being Plus Size Is Cause For Celebration

So fresh from the hearts and souls of those who laugh in the face of labels and stereotypes, here’s a quick rundown of five largely undeniable reasons why being a plus size woman is in fact something to celebrate:

1 – Most People Are

First up, when you consider the fact that the overwhelming majority of women up and down the country technically fall into the plus size bracket…at least in the eyes of those making the garments we wear…it immediately becomes apparent that the label itself doesn’t really make any sense. If plus size is the norm, why does it have a label in the first place? Realistically, it should be a case of those below the national average size being labelled as ‘minus’ size, right?

Whichever way you look at it and pointless jokes aside, most women these days are very much in the same supposed categorisation, which in turn means that if you are plus size, you are in fact perfectly normal.

2 – You’re Probably Totally Healthy

Statistically speaking…and there have been plenty of studies to prove as such…you’re actually considerably more likely to be in a better state of health if you are carrying a few extra pounds than if you are considered underweight. Once again, what’s important to remember here is the way in which normal, healthy female body shapes and sizes are these days the bodies that fall into the so-called ‘plus size’ category. Or to look at it another way, if you were a fair few steps below plus size, you might not necessarily be as healthy as you would be if you gained a couple of kilos.

So assuming you’re the type of person for whomhealth and happiness matter more than anything else, plus size has the potential to be nothing but a good thing.

3 – There Have Never Been More Amazing Clothing Out There

Another huge pointto celebrate these days is the way in which plus size clothing has never been more extraordinarily abundant or generally fantastic. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a size 14, 24 or 34 – more designers and outstanding clothing brands than ever before have finally realised that for so many decades, the gap in the market was rather pathetic.

So regardless of your size or shape, looking fabulous on a daily basis without spending a fortune has never been easier.

4 – Your Curves Are the Envy of the World

When you think about it, practically every female you’re ever likely to ask on the subject would most likely tell you that there’s nothing sexier than a curvy, hourglass figure. Unsurprisingly, present the same question to a group of men and you’d be likely to find few who didn’t say exactly the same.  By contrast, present a group of men and women alike with an image of an ultra-skinny model with less meat on her/him than a potato and see how many honestly believe this to be attractive.

Suffice to say, you yourself may not necessarily be in the best position to see the real benefits of being curvy, but you can rest assured that your sexy curves really are the envy of the world!

5 – Life’s Too Short to Be Hung Up on Skinny!

Last but not least, it’s worth bearing in mind that aside from those who are naturally predisposed to being extremely thin, super skinniness isn’t what you’d call a fun lifestyle. Think about it – spending every hour of every day terrifiedabout consuming even one unnecessary calorie, obsessing about that extra 200g you added to your weight last week and constantly comparing yourself to the fashion magazine regulars you aspire to be like.

Whichever way you look at it, life is just too short for these kinds of hang-ups to control everything you do, every hour of every day. It’s far better to simply celebrate who you are and the freedom you have…it just tastes so much better this way!

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