5 Tips A Student Will Need To Become A Morning Person

5 Tips A Student Will Need To Become A Morning Person

Have you always been a night owl but now want to join the land of the living in the mornings? This can be a difficult process if you are not used to being awake in the early hours of the day, but there are some things you can do to make it easier on your body.


Instead of taking a shower at night to help you relax before bed, wait until morning to take your shower. Try not to take a hot shower as this will only make you feel more tired. Turn the water on to where it is slightly cool so that it will wake you up. Wash your hair, shave and do your other personal hygiene activities so that it gives you something to do after you get out of bed.

Alarm Clock

This is a big player in getting up early. Don’t put the alarm clock right beside the bed. Put the clock across the room so that you have to get up to turn it off. Set the clock so that it plays music that you know will get you in a mood to get out of bed and start your day. When you turn the alarm clock off, take your shower and get dressed for the day.

5 Tips A Student Will Need To Become A Morning Person


There are several types of coffee that you can get, and there are even more flavored creamers that you can get to put in your coffee. Get a coffee maker that you can set to come on automatically in the morning. After you get dressed, your coffee will be ready for you to prepare to drink. Some of the coffee maker parts are easy to replace and it is going to be worth the long term investment.


Unless it is very cold outside, don’t turn your thermostat to where it stays hot in the home. If it is very warm, then you will probably want to stay in the bed on cold mornings as well as those summer mornings when you want to sleep in after staying up late at night. The goal here is to have no obstacles and getting rid of any excuse to stay in bed, remember what is important.


Before going to bed, place your clothes on a chair or dresser so that you don’t have to search for something to wear in the morning. You will be motivated to get dressed because you see what you will wear for the day. This helps more if you have a new outfit that you want to wear to work or school.

Whether you get up at the crack of dawn or nine in the morning, you can go from being someone who is awake all night to someone who wants to be awake in the morning. If you have a job during the day or need to get up for class, then this can serve as the motivation you need to stay awake. After you are up and ready, don’t go back to bed so that you are up again in the evening.

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