5 Ways to Adorn You Walls

When you put in so much of effort to decorate your house, why should the walls be left out? Thinking about how to decorate your walls without giving them the same look and feel? Then the following five wall decoration ideas are what you need:

  1. Planters

Using indoor planters lets you keep the plants you love while turning them into a beautiful wall décor idea. Indoor vertical plants can be a good wall decoration idea for those who love greenery and nature.

  1. Wallpapers

One of the easiest wall decoration tips is to adorn your walls with wallpaper. They come in a variety of patterns and prints and you can choose a different one for each wall.

  1. Decorative tiles

Consider using decorative tiles as one of your wall decoration options. Decorative tiles are available in multiple patterns, colors, and shapes. Even just a small well-chosen strip can transform your wall wonderfully.

  1. Photo frames

The easiest idea to decorate walls is to use photo frames. A home is not a home without memories and photographs to bring alive memories. You may choose from a variety of stylish photo frames available on Pepperfry. If you want a rustic leather look for your walls, you should choose this Brown Synthetic Collage Photo Frame by Elegant Arts and Frames. It is a set of 9 attached photo frames arranged in both horizontal and vertical format. If you are looking for a long frame to cover a passage wall or a pillar, then the Green Paper & Metal Collage Photo Frame by Elegant Arts and Frames is perfect for you. It is 30 inches long and can add a dash of color and warmth to your wall. If you are a fan of the classic black-frame look, then you should opt for Art Street’s Black Synthetic Wood King and Queen Set of 20 Individual Photo Frames. It is a set of 20 photo frames of different sizes in classic black wood. You can arrange them however you want to give an artistic look to your walls.

  1. Mirrors

As the popular saying goes “Mirror Mirror on the Wall!”, mirrors can add a dash of glamor to your walls. They will reflect the other décor in your room. After all, who does not like looking into the mirror every time they pass one? Having the right mirror in your house can truly floor your guests & make a great impression in their minds. If you are confused where to choose from, have a look at the available mirrors online at Pepperfry.

These are some unique ways in which you can adorn your walls. Pepperfry is an online shopping store where you can find a variety of designs in home & wall décor items which you can choose to decorate your home this festive season.

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