5 Ways To Improve Your Office

5 Ways To Improve Your Office

Having an office space that you and your employees/co-workers enjoy spending time in seems like an impossible mission to accomplish. No one likes being in an office and there is nothing you can do to fix it, right? We are now seeing proof that this is not the case with companies like Google who seem to have the office that everyone wants to work at. You can give your employees the office elements that they want and improve their productivity.

Of course, not many companies have the funds that Google does to create an immaculate office space, but there are some inexpensive ways to make your office space more enjoyable for everyone. These ideas are easy and doable for most offices. Here are five ways to improve your office space.

Find the Right Temperature

One of the most common issues in the office is the temperature. It seems that many office workers feel that their office is too hot or too cold but the office manager refused to do anything about it. You may want to keep the temperature at a certain range in order to save money, but you might be sacrificing you and your employees comfort to do so. Instead, check with http://www.directenergyrates.net/ to find the best price on your office heating and cooling to keep everyone happy while they work.

Use Inspiration from Nature

Studies have proved that people who work in a space that has elements that mimic nature are happier and more productive. You can use nature’s inspirations to create a more calming workspace that everyone will feel more at ease in. Bring in a few green plants and let in more natural light. Even better, if you want to save money on heating and cooling, turn off your thermostat and instead open the windows to let in some fresh air.

5 Ways To Improve Your Office

Find Comfort that is kind to the Body

Another common complaint is the seating in offices. You want your employees to be comfortable, but you don’t want them to be too comfortable, which can hinder their productivity. Instead, focus on ergonomic designs that allow for comfort but still provide the necessary support that your employees need to reduce aches and pains while staying productive. You might also have to consider having your employees spend more time standing instead of sitting.

Be Smart about the Colors you Choose

Color has an important psychological effect on people. Having the wrong colors in your office can alter the mood of your employees and make them feel less enthusiastic about their jobs. Choose colors for your office that are calming and relaxing, but still promote focus and attentiveness, like shades of blue or green. Additionally, avoid colors that are overwhelming an distracting, like red or purple.

Less is More

When you are in doubt about what to do to improve your office, the best rule to follow is that less is more. The more things you clutter your office with, the more anxious and distracted your employees will be. Try to keep your space as open as possible and eliminate any unnecessary items. For example, you can trade cubicles for large tables, so that your employees can work together more efficiently.

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