6 Different Apps To Manage Your Work From Home

The current lockdown period might be quite frustrating for many people as almost everything including marketplaces, restaurants, transportation and many other things that keep us happy is on a halt these days. People around the world are asked by the respective Head Of States and local authorities to stay indoors until the current wave of Coronavirus is under control. Organizations have also advised their employees to stay at home and work to avoid catching the disease.

To help you get done with your daily tasks and manage your teams, here are a few apps that you can use by downloading them using the internet. All you need is a reliable internet connection and the apps that are available on Android and iOS. I would recommend that you should use internet service by Charter Spectrum cable, internet and home phone service for reliable and affordable internet access. Here a few apps that can help you get things done during the current lockdown situation:


Use: Task Management/Team Management

The app is one of the ultimate tools that is helping millions of users across the industry and gets users more control over life at work and the daily tasks they need to handle. To get started with the tool, you need to pen down everything and note down tasks that you need to do for the day. The application interprets and divides the task into different categories so that it becomes easier for you to review them when needed. The tool is an amazing tool for team management and helps you keep your team and tasks on track. You can also plan your projects and assign them to the required personnel and review progress when needed.


Use: Information Management

Evernote is one essential app that can help you manage the tiny fragments of information that you have. This information might seem a little pointless as this might be in its raw after completing your research. Evernote helps you clip or add information and embed pictures, tables, other objects, and audio files wherever you want to add them. It is one of the best digital note creators that can help you use your smart devices to take notes, journalize and document your writings, note down quotations, tweets, recipes, and even contacts as well. The paid version of the app can help you use advanced features and add more to your documents.


Use: Task Management/Collaboration Tool

Slack is one of the widely used tools by many startups to stay productive and enhance the way these guys handle their daily tasks. For people who need to understand the app, the app helps users to collaborate and communicate different tasks and projects in an easy way. The app itself is so easy to use that you don’t have to go through long lists of messages and emails and keep your entire messages and threads organized and searchable. You can use different channels to create different departments, projects and clients and share documents and use GIFs, video chats and other options provided within the app to make communication more effective and less boring.


Use: Picture Editing

This is one of the most complete and professional tools developed by Google. The image editing tool is free to use with some amazing photo editing capabilities. It is a one-window solution for people who want to learn or edit pictures and add more life to their images. The app can tune your images, crop the unwanted areas, add text with different styles, and select from around 30 filters. One of the best features of the app is the selective editing feature that uses the advanced Control Point technology. This technology positions the image for up to 8 points and lets you assign enhancements in a very easy way. All you need to do is tap on the required area and add a  Control Point.


Use: Password Management

Almost every business has a host of systems and many times there is a possibility that these aren’t interconnected. This means that you must have to remember your login IDs and passwords as well. Now you don’t have to worry about that. 1Password helps you manage all your credentials using your iPad. It even integrates with Touch ID and a master password to make sure that you are the authorized person and the only person who can get access to the password’s vault. You can use it for your different other online services of mask and make your accounts even more secure. This means that you do not have to remember a password. It can be a random combination of characters and punctuations. This is something that 1Password can generate for you and the app can get you automatic updates for your accounts with a new piece of information to avoid any duplications or unauthorized logins.  It uses end-to-end encryption and makes sure that you are secure from all corners. The iOS app is also capable of providing support to Teams. This version has different levels of access and allows a central manager to control who can see what type of information.

LastPass Premium

Use: Password Management

There is more than one way to authenticate a user. Also, there is an addition to the space of 1 GB encrypted storage, emergency access, one to many sharing and so much more for you to make life easier. If you are using the paid version of the app, you get premium-level customer support and operations without ads or interruptions.


Working at home during the lockdown might be a tiring thing to do. You can make things a little easier for yourself by working smart and let technology take out the stress for you. The above-mentioned apps are not only cost-effective but many of them are free of cost well. They can help you manage your workload and makes tasks and teams manned up on these tasks collaborative and more interesting. So stay home and enjoy your work using these simple and amazing apps.

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