6 Questions To Ask When Looking For Preschools

Every parent must be well prepared with these 6 questions while approaching a preschool. The authorities of the schools, teachers, staff and other parents can be questioned to obtain answers. If the answers are satisfactory, one can go ahead with the enrolment process.

Picking a preschool in Delhi for a toddler can be both strenuous and exciting for parents. Parents generally want to opt for the best program for their little ones; quality day cares and preschools makes Delhi parents feel more confident about their child’s early education. This write-up will help parents make the best possible choice when it comes to preschools by asking a few simple questions to themselves as well as to the preschool authorities before the enrolment process. Some of these questions revolve around practical matters that are specific to the child’s family’s needs. Others are more procedural regarding the application and admission process, timelines etc.

The following are the 6 questions all parents should ask while looking for suitable preschools in Delhi for their tots;

6 Questions To Ask When Looking For Preschools

Question 1: What is the learning viewpoint of the preschool?

Parents must take interest in the curriculum a preschool is providing. This is because a child who enrols into a discovery-based program instead of drills and practice skill based ones, has more opportunities to make choices about learning. Moreover, the school should have a respectable level of openness with the child’s family. The parents must be welcomed at school, allowed to drop by any time as well as should be provided with regular feedbacks about their child’s development.

Question 2: What is the qualification and experience of the teachers?

Most quality playschools like Maplebear hire trained and certified staff. It is advisable to ask about the exact qualification levels of teachers in a playschool to make sure that the child will be in able hands. On the other hand, the staffing must be sufficient to handle the strength of students and sufficient attention must be given to each child. Moreover, the staff must be caring, dedicated and committed towards their work.

Question 3: What are the active play opportunities?

A child should have ample of play opportunities in a preschool to develop fine motor skills. After all this is the main reason why most parents from Delhi enrol kids in a playschools day care centres! Physical activity must be given sufficient importance as it helps in maintaining health and well being. Pre-writing activities like scribbling and colouring must be of vital importance in the curriculum.

Question 4: What are the nap timings?

Children attending preschools are as young as 18 months old. So these tots need some rest time after such busy activities. It is advisable to ask about the exact nap timings and availability of necessary amenities like mats, sheets, pillows etc; one must make sure that these nap times do not exceed 2 hours as too much sleep at school might disturb a tot’s night time sleep.

6 Questions To Ask When Looking For Preschools

Question 5: What is the status of meal and snack provision?

Parents should be clear about whether these preschools provide meals and snacks. If they do, one must ensure that well balanced, nutritious and hygienic food is served. If at all it is not provided, parents must send the food from home. Pre-meal routine details like table mannerisms, restroom visit and hand-wash activity should be inquired too.

Question 6: Does the school have child friendly toilets and is potty training needed?

Some young ones do not know about toileting independently. Preschools teach young ones to use child friendly toilets with the help of trained support staff. In case a school expects a child to be fully toilet trained, parents should question on how the staff deals with random accidents.

Thus, before visiting a preschool, every parent must be prepared to ask these questions to the authorities. Only after attaining satisfactory answers, one can enrol their little one into the preschool or day care centre.

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