6 Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing A Router Table

Are you a professional woodcutter, then you will surely know the importance of a good router table. A router table allows one to create professional woodcrafts easily. A wide range of grooves, designs and shapes can be achieved by using various router bits. Below is a small list of things you should keep in mind before purchasing your next router table.

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1. A Strong Base

A router table with a strong base will help you in creating great woodcrafts, as a strong base allow us to keep the work piece steady and locked in a particular position.

A wobbly base can just ruin your woodcraft and will prove to be frustrating for the woodcutter during his work.

6 Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing A Router Table

2. Good Fence

Fence is used for accurate and easy positioning and for achieving clean, clear and perfect cuts. A good fence can help you to achieve efficiency in your work. Nowadays a wide range of fences is available in the market, so you can just pick one which suits your taste and pocket.

Generally there are two types of fences, one piece and two piece.

With one piece you won’t have any alignment issue as it is a single piece therefore it stays steady.

Whereas with a two piece fence you’ll have to take care of the alignment but it also gives you the advantage of working with bits of larger diameter.

3. Miter and T Slot

Even if you are not looking forward to buy any accessories still you’ll need these slots in their place as they support the feather boards and all your accessories.

4. A Good Base Plate

A base plate should be flat, strong, rigid and must have a sturdy build. Your woodcraft and quality of work greatly depends on the design and quality off the base plate, therefore you should try to buy the best one.

Machined aluminum is greatly preferred as base plate material.

However the most important thing is that your base plate must match the router you are planning to work with.

5. A Sturdy Top

An idol top must be 1” thick and should be of a rigid, flat and strong material. A top which is flat and sturdy ensures clean and perfect cuts. Which will finally lead to better work results.

6. Compatibility

You must ensure that the router you are using fits with the router table you are wishing to purchase. If you haven’t bought the router yet  then you don’t have to worry about their compatibility.

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