6 Top Spots For A Religious Education Focussed School Trip

A religious studies excursion can still inspire a sense of tradition, depth and inspiration. There is ample opportunity for students to travel the world and dig into the spirituality, mysticism and devotion that has inspired many millions of people from all walks of life in the past and continues to inspire millions today.

6 Top Spots For A Religious Education Focussed School Trip

Medieval and Modern Devotion In Krakow

Students on a school trip to Krakow have the rare chance to engage with both past and present religious traditions in one place. Since Poland is still strongly religious, students can witness the modern fervour devoted to present day Roman Catholicism, while also exploring the medieval heart of this city. Trla.us offers the opportunity to discover the age-old Christian and Jewish heritage that pervades places like St Mary’s church, which has the oldest medieval altarpiece in the world, or the Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter.

Judeo-Christian History In Rome

In the EternalCity, students on a school trip have the advantage of visiting the centre of a religious tradition that began during the Roman Empire and yet outlasted its fall by centuries. Rome is a place that proudly lives and breathes antiquity and the city was the proud home of early Christian and Jewish activity in the first century. After this Roman period the Vatican saw the rise of Roman Catholicism, and the architecture, buildings and churches that still stand in the city today make great tours that provide a vital insight into Christian history.

East Meets West In Istanbul

Istanbul was once the capital of Eastern Christianity, the Christian Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire and the Muslim Ottoman Empire.  Students on a school trip here will therefore see that it is a marvellous fusion of Eastern and Western flavours.  Visits to the Eyup Sultan Mosque and St Sophia Church will highlight the clash of Christian and Muslim traditions over the centuries, giving a rich insight into how this city has become a cobweb of various religious traditions throughout the ages.

The Orthodox Church In Moscow

A school trip to the colourful and historic city of Moscow will allow students to peek into the centuries-old religious customs of the Russian Orthodox Church. To many, Moscow still provokes images of the cold utilitarianism of the Soviet era, which was less than favourable to religious fervour. Yet, with a church lineage going back to the earliest days of Byzantine Christianity, students will not fail to be enthralled by the unique devotion and cultural Zeitgeist of Russian Orthodoxy.

Old Spirituality In Prague

The history of Prague’s spirituality is seen in the wonderful array of churches and medieval buildings that litter the city and grace its skyline with beauty.  Hence a religious studies excursion to Prague is one of the best ways to explore medieval spirituality.  A visit to the synagogues and ghetto will soberly teach students about the consequences of Nazi brutality on a community with roots dating back to the tenth century, while the St Vitus Cathedral, one of the largest medieval castle complexes in Europe, will leave students awestruck.

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