Oracle Database 10g Certification

6 Ways To Build Confidence For The Oracle Database 10g Certification

The Oracle 10g is the newest Database Administration certification being launched by oracle. These days, most of the companies are heading towards the computerized processing as every organization has a wide database of its own to manage, the size of the database also increases if the computers are being linked with a network that is somehow a common scenario everywhere.

In order to deal with management as well as troubleshooting of these huge databases, companies are already looking up for the qualified professionals with the Oracle 10g certification and if you have one, then you are a suitable candidate for the job itself. That’s the reason why, this certificate merely has a unique value everywhere and in almost every sector.

To get this certification, you should go through the three tier procedure of the certification. The Oracle certified associate is merely the first DBA certification. Known as the Oracle Database 10g, Administration I, you should clear this test within 120 minutes. The number of the questions is only about 75, out of which the cut off requirements is to get the 65%. If you pass the test, you will surely receive the OCA certification and if you wish that you could go for the Oracle Certified professional. Such examination is only 90 minutes in duration with 70 questions for you to solve.

Oracle Database 10g Certification

The range of the cut off is almost the same as the 66%. In order to clear such stage, you need an Oracle approved course to take either in class room or online. The most advanced and the last certification that you will go through is the Oracle Certified Master, or the Oracle Database 10g certification, Administration III. In order to qualify, you should have about two Oracle approved courses under your belt.

The only thing is that, if you are certified professional of the Oracle 9i, you should go through all of these tests. All you have to do is to upgrade your certification to the Oracle 10g by providing the test of the Oracle 10g: New Features for Administrators. Generally, the questions aren’t too tough and an average of 71% could clear it.

The six ways on how you could build up confidence for the Oracle Database 10g certification are:

  1. Preparation ahead of time
  2. Make sure that you have met all of the requirements
  3. Consider the time frame
  4. Accuracy
  5. Quick understanding of the problem
  6. Speed of taking the exam, but never compromise

With that being said, there are different examination guides and even online test engines that are available to help you out of your problems. You can be what you wanted to be, you just have to do what is right and what is needed in the line of profession you are pursuing. It is all about upgrading yourself. So, if you want to be compensated well, not to mention that it is your dream job you’re working on,  then considering the six ways on how to build confidence for the Oracle Database 10g certification would be ideal.

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