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7 Best Python IDEs and Code Editors For Python Developers

Python integrated development environment (IDE) is used widely in the world of development. It is a solution that is designed to create software. IDEs are specifically created to support certain programming languages. There are certain specific Python IDEs that empower Python developers to make a digital product. An integrated development environment has the required tools and functions to enable the programmers to develop software.

The main role of IDE is to allow the developers to consolidate a wide range of aspects of writing a computer program. A Python IDE allows Python developers to build apps. It collaborates all the commonly used developer tools into a single GUI. Python IDE has a major role to play when it comes to developing software or application.

The role of Python IDE in development

There are many IDEs and code editors that can be used for Python. Python is considered one of the easiest to use languages, therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that many code editors and IDEs can be used for Python development. However, it is important to choose the best one of all because a lot depends on the type of IDE.

A good IDE or code editor is essential to the development process. It simplifies the overall development process. Nowadays, there are many IDEs and code editors that are highly advanced and modern, and Python is supported by many of them.

Here is the list of some of the top Python IDEs and code editors for Python developers:

Microsoft Visual Editor

Visual Studio is probably one of the most popular IDEs in the world. It is an all-inclusive IDE that supports Python. Visual Studio not only supports Python but also supports many other programming languages. If a company uses multiple programming languages, then Visual Studio can be one of the best options.

There are many Python-specific plugin options for the users. It contains a wide range of functionalities. It allows the users to automate the project linting. There are too many benefits of using Visual Studio.


PyCharm is one of the most popular Python IDEs. It is perfect for professional programmers. PyCharm makes it convenient to develop big Python projects as well. It offers complete support for CSS and JavaScript. PyCharm is known widely for safe code refactoring. It also offers the option to access the databases straight from the IDE.


With a plug-in, Eclipse is turned into a Python IDE from a Java IDE. It is compatible with many operating systems. It has several useful features that help the programmers in many ways. It has a simplified project viewer and auto-complete features. Many developers like to use Eclipse because of some of the top features of this IDE.

Atom Editor

Atom Editor is an open-source code editor that is used by many Python developers. It is known for its usability. Also, the code editor is very efficient. It enables the programmers to comfortably write codes. Atom Editor has a huge variety of plugins. It is also one of those editors that can be used for cross-platform development.


Spyder (Scientific Python Development Environment), an open-source IDE supports Python development. It is one of the most popularly used IDEs for data science. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Spyder is known for its cutting-edge features, including a document viewer, integrated console, auto code completion, and much more. It is also used widely for scientific modules.


Thonny is one of the most popular Python IDEs. It is not only best for development but it is also preferred for learning Python. There are many features of this IDE that make it a preferred choice. A few of the most popular features of this IDE include simplified debugging, auto code completion, highlighting the errors, and much more.


Jupyter is another tool that is used widely in data science. It is known for its simplicity. It is very interactive. Also, it enables the users to share live code. As it is used extensively in the field of data science, therefore, it is apt for numerical calculations. Jupyter has the features to support machine learning workflow as well. It offers a very good user experience.

Listed above are some of the most commonly used Python IDEs and code editors. If you want to learn Python or use it for development, then you can choose one of the IDEs or code editors listed above. Selecting the right IDE or code editor is very important for the development process. A good IDE or code editor helps the programmers to develop products more efficiently. Some of them also boost the speed of production. You can also consider seeking guidance from some of the experts to know more about the apt IDE or code editor for Python development.

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