7 Car Care Tips For The College Student

For college students, maintaining a fair balance between their busy class schedule, studies, and active social life, is very hard. They have a lot of work and a lot of other stuff on their mind. Worrying about a car all the time is something for which the students do not have much time for. College students usually do not have much time for car maintenance and their car feels neglected when it comes to oil changes, tire rotations or regular car maintenance. The majority of the students are not aware of the fact that neglecting your car during your college years causes a great amount of damage to your car which eventually decreases its resale value over the period.

Here are some tips given to college students when it comes to taking care of your car:

1: Check the tire pressure and the tread regularly: Since college students have a very busy routine they usually forget to check the tire tread and the tire pressure. Not paying attention to your tire allows the tire to get under inflated and can centrally lead to the tire failure and other issues in your car.

2: Make sure to get your oil change regally: Oil change is usually done every 3000 miles or every three months. Usually, students get their oil change once a year that is not good for the car. Hot and cold weathers can also have an effect on the severity of service, as well. Getting you oil change keeps your car running for a longer period.

3: Make sure that your change the air filter of the car once a year: Driving around with a dirty air filter restricts the airflow and causes poor fuel economy and performance. So it is very important to get you air filter changed ones a year or twice in one year.

4: Make sure that you are regular on the tire rotation: One major rule to remember when dealing with tire rotation is that you should get your tire rotation done after your car has den about 5,000 to 10,000 miles. This will extend the life of your car, and it will also smoothen your ride and it keeps you safe on the road.

5: Make sure that you get your car washed from outside and fully cleaned from inside: Taking of your car is hard to do but cleaning your car from inside and from outside is very important. Washing your car  regularly is a good thing and keeping it clean from inside is a good habit to begin with.

6: Make sure that you pay full attention to the signs that your car is trying to give you: Car is a machine, and once there is something wrong with a machine tends to inform you. If there something is wrong with your car, it will most probably inform you by giving you some sign. It is very important to pay full attention to the signs your car gives you.

7: Make sure that you check your cars brakes on a regular bases: Checking you brakes every knows and then and making sure that they are working properly prevents a lot of problems. To be safe, you should check your brakes regularly.

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