7 Reasons To Visit Turks & Caicos

The Turks & Caicos Islands are something of a secret in the world of beach holiday aficionados. Everybody who visits always returns, but they clearly like to keep their insider information close to their chests, because these paradise islands in The Atlantic retain an air of quiet and mystique. Read on for seven good reasons Turks & Caicos should be your next holiday destination…

It’s Easy

Holidays are all about resting and taking a break, so the last thing you want is a destination that’s remote and a challenge to get to. Fear not,Turks & Caicos has an international airport with regular flights touching down from all over. From the east coast of America, Turks & Caicos is quicker and easier to reach than its further flung island cousins, Barbados and The Bahamas. Yes, although Turks & Caicos has a distinctive Caribbean flavour, geographically it actually sits in The Atlantic Ocean, making it an easily reachable 90 minute flight from Miami.

7 Reasons To Visit Turks & Caicos

It’s Relaxing

Even the most uptight individuals would be hard pressed not to relax on these islands. The pace of life is slow, laid back and calm. Visitors become mesmerised watching the turquoise waters glinting in the sunlight and the palms gently moving in the sea breeze. Lying on uncrowded white sands, sipping an iced rum punch and reading a good novel is how many choose to de-compress in this island heaven. Sound tempting?

First Class Accommodation

If the relaxing pace of life hasn’t swayed it for you, then the outstanding accommodation will. For one of the most popular and highly rated luxury resorts on the island, click on www.coralgardensdirect.com where a wide range of accommodation options can be found. Whether travelling as a couple, singly or in a family group, www.coralgardensdirect.com has the perfect place to stay. Situated in prime position on Grace Bay Beach, Coral Gardens Resort allows you to embrace luxury, island living in comfortable and well equipped accommodations. Situated a short drive from the airport and convenient for shopping and the local golf course, it’s the ideal base for an unforgettable vacation. If the idea of strolling straight out of your accommodation onto the beach appeals to you, make the luxury resort at Coral Gardens your first port of call.

Beautiful Beaches

Turks & Caicos is justly proud of its award winning beaches and because they are so beautiful, much of island life is focused around them. In The Princess Alexandra National Park where Coral Gardens Resort is located, the environment is closely monitored and protected to preserve the natural balance of the surroundings. Grace Bay Beach has won plaudits from around the world and CNN has previously voted it one of the top three beaches in the world.

Wonderful Wildlife

Being a marine destination, the majority of the wildlife is found beneath the sea, so snorkels and underwater cameras are useful travel accessories. The calm, clear waters make the viewing of creatures such as turtles, rays, sea urchins, giant starfish, moray eels and a rainbow collection of fish so easy. No need for scuba diving or boat trips to see the underwater delights of T&C, from Coral Islands Resort the curious simply fix on a mask and snorkel and wade into the shallows to watch the watery world go by.

If you visit the islands at the right time of year it is the perfect viewing point for whales as they migrate. Equally, birders will find plenty to interest them here as it attracts a wide range of migratory species from across the globe.

Excellent Water Sports

Snorkelling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, paddle boarding, wind surfing and kayaking are all easy to find in this sea-lover’s paradise. For many people, changing out of their swimwear is a rare occurrence as the whole rhythm of life is dictated by the soft lapping of the waves on the shore.

Fun on Dry Land

If you prefer your fun activities a little more on the dry side, you can try horse riding, tennis, golf, cycling and cave exploring to mix things up a bit. There is a night life on the island with bars, clubs and restaurants – but if you come here expecting Vegas level entertainment, you’ll be disappointed.

Turks and Caicos is a place once visited, few forget. An island paradise that is so perfect is definitely worth investigating – if great beaches, clear waters, friendly locals and flexible accommodation options are your holiday holy grails, then you’ve just found paradise….

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