7 Tips for Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Clean

No matter how busy our lives are, home is always the place we want to go back to after the long hard day. Home is about feeling safe and protected; it is about having a chance to finally relax and be yourself. But in order for your home to deliver on its functions, it is crucial to keep it clean. Otherwise, from relaxing and cozy place it can easily turn into an irritating one.

That’s why it is so important to learn the tips and tricks of effective home cleaning and incorporate them into your cleaning routine for the sake of saving time and effort. The good news is that today you will learn one of such tips. Specifically, you will find out how to keep your hardwood floors clean and shiny.

Choose High-Quality Cleaning Products Only

One of the simplest yet very important tricks is to choose the right cleaning products. When you use cleaning stuff that’s been specifically formulated for hardwood floors. As long as you choose the right product, you’ll be able to maintain your hardwood floors with very little effort.

Don’t Follow the Old-School Advice, Don’t Use Vinegar

Back in the 90s, it has been exceptionally popular to use a combination of water and vinegar for floor cleaning. While it might have been the best option for those years, today it is absolutely not. The thing is that the majority of wood floors have a polyurethane finish, which tends to get dull if cleaned with an acid like vinegar.

Make Sure Your Floors Have No Direct Contact with Water

Water might look innocent in relation to your hardwood floors, but the truth is that an excessive contact with water might eventually damage your nicely finished wood floors. Be especially careful while taking care of your flowers. When you water your home flowers or plants, you might end up slobbering water over the floor. If this water remains on the floor for hours, it might damage the material.

Dust Daily and Dust Smart

Of course, nobody says you should have a deep cleaning every day. What you should do, however, is frequent dusting with a disposable electrostatic cloth or just a mop that’s been treated with a dusting agent. Either one will be enough to keep your floors clean between regular deep cleanings.

Make It a Habit to Take Off Your Shoes

If you wonder where do those scrapes and scratches on your hardwood floor come from, you should know the truth. In nearly all the cases, things like that occur because of your habit to walk around your home in your shoes. During the day, the bottoms of your shoes are likely to collect lots of dirt and grit, which can potentially damage your hardwood floors.

Vacuum Your Floors Weekly

If you want your hardwood floors clean, you should absolutely vacuum them on a weekly basis.

However, you should always be careful and gentle when vacuuming your wood floors. For instance, if your vacuum has a beater bar, you’d better ensure that it doesn’t hit your bar floor. Pay attention to the wheels of your vacuum as their might damage the floor too.

Do Not Forget to Polish It Up

Yet another tip that will help you keep your hardwood floors clean and shiny is polishing. What makes polishing so effective is that it fills in all microscopic scratches, which makes the surface look perfectly good. Doing this at least once per month or two will help your floors look great and new long-term.

For the Finals

Hardwood floors make any place look cozier and nicer, but it only holds true if the floors look clean and shiny. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help you minimize your efforts related to hardwood cleaning and also make your wood floors look as brand new for many years.

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