8 Modern Bedroom Designs You Need To Know

Modern design can be tricky for most. For one, it may be confused with contemporary design – which means that it’s always changing and is in tune with the latest trends and styles. In the world of design, Modern Designs pertain to a style that originates from the 1920s-1950s. That’s where the term “Mod” comes from, where the style is clean, polished, and uses natural materials and textures like leather, wood, and linen. Despite its seemingly outdated roots, what makes Modern Design an appealing choice for people nowadays is that it transcends time because it is both functional and simplistic.

Here are 8 timeless modern designs to try for any room or house that needs a makeover.

1. Modern White

A staple among many other different interior designs, it’s probably because you can’t go wrong with all-white decor. You can try a discreet, comfy, white bed with flat white sheets, matched with light wood cabinets and flooring. The clean, straight and uncluttered lines bring out the minimalist aspect of modern design. Best with large, airy windows, this design will give your room a spacious feel. Note to keep accent pieces to a minimum to keep the room’s palette relaxing and calm.

8 Modern Bedroom Designs You Need To Know

2. Modern Tuscan

This sunny paradise’s design is characterized by warm earthy hues. Rustic colors like burnt orange and terracotta are fine ways to make those vibrant colors pop out. This color palette borrows from the tuscan countryside of verdant greens, sparkling blue waters and their aging plaster walls. For accent pieces, wrought iron furniture or paintings of Tuscany are great additions to complete this design. 

8 Modern Bedroom Designs You Need To Know

3. Modern Industrial

Rugged but clean, rough but with smooth edges — such is the effect of the Modern Industrial. High ceilings and shiny white floors, mixed with different shades of gray and white. “Industrialize” with touches of exposed pipelines on the ceiling, brick walls, and other steel-based furniture. To bring everything together, buy or install a DIY rustic coffee table for your living room area for that modern touch.

8 Modern Bedroom Designs You Need To Know

4. Modern Retro

Need a break from neutral shades? Then you need to try the Modern Retro design. Furniture with bold pattern designs would go well together with the straight lines of vertical, wooden paneled floors. For a contemporary touch, adding typography artwork, and neutral accent pieces such like Maison Balzac. Bold colors like olive green and orange are also staple hues in this design.

8 Modern Bedroom Designs You Need To Know

5. Modern Scandinavian

Best for loft-style apartments and open bedrooms, Scandinavian-inspired designs are brought together by the signature modern mix of brick walls and wooden floor panelling. You can add a hint of industrial feel with a metallic pendant lamp. However, unlike the industrial design, the Scandinavian Modern is warmer, incorporating slight touches of nature like potted plants into the design. For the color foundation, white and grey is the common go-to combination to get this look.

8 Modern Bedroom Designs You Need To Know

6. Modern Glamour

Think of luxurious faux fur with upholstered headboard for your bed, softened further with soft pastel accents around the room. You can also go for black and white shades. To make the glam in the room pop out, multiple soft lightings are a must. Install a beautiful chandelier on the ceiling with soft, billowy curtains. Put square framed photographs on the wall. Give it more lift with silver or gold accent pieces. Remember: juxtapose your textures and patterns. For instance, your reflective surface should be placed against matted ones.

8 Modern Bedroom Designs You Need To Know

7. Modern Nautical

Need shades of blue in your life? Sea-themed Nautical Modern may be the right answer for you. Imagine a white bedroom with pale cream and indigo beddings made of linen, matched with marine life-inspired artwork or accent pieces. Either pick a wooden floor-wall combination, or opt for a white backdrop with wooden furniture.

8 Modern Bedroom Designs You Need To Know

8. Modern Bohemian

For a room with a great view of nature, the Modern Bohemian is for you. Especially great with floor-to-ceiling windows, you can make a cozy nook of your bed with warm, earthy tones, but with different textures. Scatter a few colorful throw rugs, an upholstered bed frame, and bohemian accents like tribal or nomadic-themed pieces. The whole idea of this style is it’s “messy” appeal. Build on the warmth with more throw pillows, rugs, and blankets.

8 Modern Bedroom Designs You Need To Know

Are you ready to modernize your bedroom? With these eight tips, you won’t run out of ideas to try! Thanks to the modern touch, you won’t have any problem redesigning and revamping your room in the future.

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