8 Underrated Places Of The Caribbean That You Must Explore

8 Underrated Places Of The Caribbean That You Must Explore

We often dream of visiting the Caribbean because of its exceptional beauty. There is the everlasting tropic weather and also the boons of nature. We often feel like making it the home. We can definitely rent a Villa in the Caribbean and call it our home for the holiday. The turquoise blue sea and the white sandy beaches call our name every time we see the place in pictures. So, the next time you have a feeling, book a ticket to the Caribbean. It is full of beautiful islands and unique places that you can discover. Nature is counterbalanced with the culture and lovely people calling the islands their home. We are sure that you will never have a bad time when you are in the Caribbean. We have tried to list some places that are unique and underrated. It is hoped that you can include some in your next trip.

Some Underrated Places to visit in the Caribbean: 

  • Boiling Lake in Dominica:An interesting hike up the mountain leads you to this beautiful place. You do not think much about Dominica when you think of the Caribbean. But this place is one of the hidden treasures that you can discover on your next holiday. The lake is situated inside of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a world heritage site. It is the 2nd largest hot lake that you can find in this world. You will be greeted by a lot of steam and bubbles. It takes about 3 hours to finish the hike up to the lake with interesting in between spots.

8 Underrated Places Of The Caribbean That You Must Explore

  • Saba: When we think of Saba we think of the smallest commercial runaway in the world. It is definitely true as landing in Saba can be an adventure in itself. But other than that the island is strikingly beautiful. You can dive into its blue waters to see the different marine animals. It is a dainty little island with a mere population of about 1,900. So, mix in this homely environment which will really give you a good experience.
  • Montseratt ruins tour:if you are feeling a little adventurous about the history of the Caribbean visit this island that has seen chaos. It is often called the ‘Caribbean Pompeii’ due to a similar disaster. The volcano erupted in 1995 and almost left everyone at a dangerous pole. The last eruption took place in 2010. In the recent years, you can definitely take a tour of the abandoned towns and have a look at the past. A small number of people till call the island their home.
  • Grenada: The ‘spice capital’ of the Caribbean is definitely underrated. It has one of the records of producing a significant amount of nutmeg and mace in the world. The total population of the nation is about 110,000. There are a number of scenic beaches that one can visit the Grand Anse Beach, La Sagesse or even the Levera Beach. If you like hiking then you would love to visit the beautiful Annandale Falls. The government has made the way very beautiful and it is a short drive away from the capital.
  • Anguilla: A small and peaceful place situated in the north of Saint Martin. The place belongs to the British so you will see quite a bit of their culture here. But the island is very scenic and fun place to visit if you like tranquillity. There are 33 scenic beaches that you can enjoy at the destination. The white sands stretch over 12 miles and are never crowded.
  • Barbuda:Quite underrated when compared to its sister island Antigua. The blue waters are perfect for water sports, snorkeling and scuba diving. You can even fish on this island. Bird watching is also a popular activity because of the Frigate Bird Sanctuary which is present on a lagoon. Over 170 species of bird can be found here and the environment is quite serene. The ruggedness of the island makes it more appealing towards the tourist. There are several resorts that one can choose for their accommodation.
  • Bonaire: Another island country that is typically praised for its natural beauty. Washington Slagbaai National Park makes the place extra beautiful with all its wildlife and natural beauty. One can see the 189 species of birds or get lost in the beautiful view of cliffs, beaches, and valleys. The place also has a marine park called the Bonaire National Marine Park. You can find salt flats and Flamingo nests when you visit Bonaire.

8 Underrated Places Of The Caribbean That You Must Explore

  • Curacao: This is an island which belongs to the Dutch. It has the perfect weather that you can experience in the Caribbean region. An adventure to try at this place is windsurfing due to the everlasting winds. The capital of Willemstad definitely has a Dutch flavor to it. One can spend their day in the numerous resorts or try the local cuisine. Curacao even hosts its own carnival which lasts from January to February. So, it is definitely a destination for those who like fun as well as relaxation. As you wouldn’t see much overcrowding this place is perfect for a honeymoon. They even let you get married on the island.

Every place on this list is brilliant and beautiful. They are also away from the usual problems of overcrowding. So, book any of these destinations to spend your next holiday. We can guarantee that you will never forget the holiday in your life.

The article was submitted by Seema Gurnani of Pandareviewz.com.

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