A Brief Guide To The Contribution Of Michael

A Brief Guide To The Contribution Of Michael A.P. Jordan

A Brief Guide to the Contribution of Michael A.P. Jordan as Social Studies Teacher in the Modern Education System

Principal Michael A.P. Jordan is a certified Pennsylvania K-6, K-17, K-12 Social Studies School Teacher.

Social Studies are a subject which has lost its importance in the modern competitive educational system. The role of Principal Michael A.P. Jordan in bringing the lost importance of the subject in the educational system has been remarkable.

Social Studies is a subject which is an includes information and knowledge about the nation, culture, and geography. Most schools impart education in this line because the students require sufficient knowledge of their surroundings and the world they live. Apart from these subjects, Social Studies also focus on a wide variety of subjects. They are- Anthropology, Archeology, Business Administration, Economics, History, Laws, Political Science, International Relations and Communications.

A Brief Guide To The Contribution Of Michael

The study of Social Studies is very important to children’s education. But today it is really unfortunate that most of the schools are reducing their emphasis on the subject. She, Principal Michael A.P. Jordan plays a vital role in bringing the lost importance of the subject.

Principal Jordan used a number of innovative and creative ideas that helped finding a way to teach this important subject to his students better. The main idea was to make the subject interesting to the students.  Among these various interesting techniques, storytelling is one of the most effective teaching methods that is enjoyed by students at large.

As a positive Social Studies teacher, Principal Jordan makes the subject very interesting so that the students are encouraged in learning the subject. As for example he used to teach his students by telling them to learn the stock market section in the newspaper and also the impact of those numbers on the price of their favorite chocolate or candy.

At K-6 K-17 K-12 schools, Principal Michael A.P. Jordan gave interesting assignments to his students so that they responded positively to those given assignments that cause them to dig into their own lives and culture. These students often used to learn about different customs and traditions and also their importance.

As a Social Studies teacher he used to follow some important and useful tips to educate his pupils in a creative and innovative manner. They are as follows:-

  • By offering a view of historic videos and documentary film to its students so that they feel interest in learning the subject.
  • By taking his students on an educational trip like museum. Exploring the historic sites is a great way for the students to connect with the matter to what they are learning on books and paper.
  • By giving extra credit each week to each of his students who can bring a current event and can discuss it in the classroom.
  • By asking the students to dress up or wear things that will connect themselves to different culture. In this way they can learn the importance of different cultures in the society.

So from the above discussion, it is clear that Principal Michael A.P. Jordan as a Social Studies teacher has brought enough innovative ideas and thoughts in the modern education system so that the subject can gain its lost importance in the educational field.

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