A Brief Introduction To An Experienced Nature Lover With A Difference

There are many people who love nature and escape to its serenity whenever they get the chance. However, there are few who actually records their unique experiences to inspire and encourage others to experience the unique appeal of nature safely. Thomas Faw is a busy real estate developer and construction foreman in urban development projects. He does not confine himself to just building projects in North Carolina. He has the unique passion of mastering difficult mountain summits and hiking trails. He is closely connected to nature and whenever he gets the time, he packs his bags to pursue his passion with some of the hardest summits and trails in the USA.

A Brief Introduction To An Experienced Nature Lover With A Difference

Thomas Faw is a major source of inspiration to young mountaineers and hikers in the USA today. He not only masters summits and conquers them, but he also guides aspiring climbers on the dos and don’ts of mountain climbing and hiking. When you are close to nature, it is important for you to be comfortable rather than fashionable. You may be attempting to climb a very hard terrain or summit, if you are not wearing comfortable clothes and footwear you are bound to get in trouble. It is true that you wish to look good, but when you are on a trail or a hike, you must have the right gear, attire and equipment.

For instance the footwear you choose must prevent you from slipping, getting blisters and falling. You may be tempted to wear your regular sneakers or shoes, but it is always prudent for you to invest in a very good pair of hiking boots for the part. Thomas Faw advises that when you are going in for hiking boots and special socks to avoid the blisters, always check the weather and the terrain before the hike. It is wise to do your homework before you finally hit the trail.

If you are a professional mountaineer or hiker, it is obvious that you would know the importance of having layers of clothing. In case, you are an amateur and attempting mountaineering or even hiking for the first time, it is very important for you to research the terrain you are about to hit well before going. This is very essential. You should know if the weather is dry or raining. Is it too windy or do you have to bear the intense cold?

Thomas Faw says that these factors have to be taken into consideration too. In case, you do not pay attention to clothing you will face many problems. He suggests to go in for nylon as it is an ideal insulator and lightweight. Remember, when you are hitting the trails of nature your clothes should never be a burden. If you are in a humid and warm area, it is prudent for you to go in for cotton shirts and clothing. Thomas says they soak up the sweat and allow air circulation round-the-clock while you hike!

The above are just some valuable tips Thomas Faw shares to aspiring mountaineers and hikers. There are lots more and you will find his helpful inputs online in his own blog under his name “Thomas Robert Faw.”

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