A Complete Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Items

A Complete Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Items

Spring brings renewal; greenery pops and colors burst from flowers as the season creates its own palette of perfection. However, for beauty enthusiasts, spring’s bursting bounties of hues have absolutely nothing to do with Mother Earth. Style savvy fashionistas celebrate spring’s other palettes –those offered by the biggest names in beauty.

Beauty insiders know that spring means new must-have collections, likely a warmer shade of foundation and lipsticks that echo the season’s latest hot hues. Unfortunately, as new products and collections are acquired, the old need to be cleared away…just like the cold weather of winter.

When new beauty hauls threaten to overstock drawers and bins in the bathroom, the time has come to toss out those items you no longer need. Or want.

There will be items that you cling to….comfort shades that just cannot leave the drawer. Spring makeup cleaning also might cause a bit of chaos, especially when trying to decide if you absolutely must discard an item. We get it. Throwing out beauty products—especially expensive and once-trendy tones—is painful…but some of those items must go to make way for new hauls.

If you need more motivation to round-file that lip gloss, assure yourself that kicking old products to the trash is likely for the good of your health. Yes, those cosmetics have a shelf-life…and they could also be harboring yucky bacteria.

To make the cleaning process a bit easier, follow these Spring Beauty Cleaning Tips that outline what to toss and what to keep:


Mascara should be replenished on a quarterly basis…whether or not it’s completely used up. Think about it…that wand is near your eye on the daily. Do you really want to take the chance of using the product too long? Bacteria and eye infections are no joke.

A Complete Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Items


I actually go through lipstick pretty consistently. My whims on lip colors just change with the seasons; while one or two shades are go-to colors, I often like to try different formulas and fun new colors. If you’ve been holding on to lipsticks for a long time, it’s time to toss them out. However, all lipsticks over a year old should be tossed according to Shape.

A Complete Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Items

Rings & Jewelry

Most women forget to clean their jewelry…especially earrings. Posts and hoops get gross and gunky from everyday wear, so be sure to wipe earrings with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. Clean the piercing hole after each wear as well. For diamonds engagement rings (or diamond stud earrings), soak jewelry in a mild dish soap and water and then scrub the gemstone gently with a toothbrush. Oils from our skin and hands often cling to diamonds and dull the brilliance. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, as they tend to loosen stones.

A Complete Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Items

Powder-Based Cosmetics (Powder, Blush, Eyeshadows)

Of all your makeup products, powder-based products have the longest life—about two years. Change them out if your complexion changes with the season. You don’t want your face to look pale, when the rest of your body is bronze!

Eyeliner (Crayons)

I hold onto these for a decent amount of time, usually until there is no more tip left on the pencil…and it becomes too short to sharpen. Most beauty magazines will tell you to toss pencils after a year or two, and most only last a year anyway.

A Complete Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Items


I typically use powder based foundations and go through them pretty quickly. The general consensus among the beauty experts is that foundation should be replaced after one year. Chances are high, though, that you’ll need a different shade of foundation for the summer as your complexion changes.


Don’t toss brushes…clean them! And, please, clean them regularly. Good Housekeeping recommends using a gentle cleanser (like baby soap) to clean bristles and wipe the handle with rubbing alcohol to kill bacteria. I tend to use sponge applicators for eye shadow, and those always need to be tossed…don’t bother trying to clean them. Buy new applicators from any beauty store (or even dollar stores!).

Spring will bring many new cosmetics, so make space in drawers and bags by cleaning out your make-up stash. Toss out those old products you’ve been hoarding, and welcome the newest spring colors and palettes. Not that—you know—you need an excuse for a beauty haul!

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