A Fiberglass Flagpole Will Stand The Test Of Time

Most traditional flagpoles are made of metal, which is great except they pose a few problems. Now, flagpoles are being made of more advanced materials like fiberglass. Fiberglass has a ton of benefits over a traditional metal flag pole which can work for not only commercial businesses, but also homes and schools as well.

When shopping for a Commercial Flag Pole or replacing an existing one, consider a strong, durable and lightweight Fiberglass Flag Pole. Choosing a flagpole for a business does not have to be a hassle like you might find with some of the more traditional metal flag poles.

What is great about fiberglass as a material is that it is maintenance free and long lasting. Metal or wooden poles need to be constantly maintained over time colors fade and metal poles can even be hazardous in a lightning storm.

A Fiberglass Flagpole Will Stand The Test Of Time

Some of the many advantages of installing a fiberglass flagpole include:

Resistance to Weather and the Elements

One of the biggest issues with metal flag poles is that they can rust and corrode, damaging the integrity of the pole. While wooden poles are much more susceptible to rotting as well.

Having a rusted and rotted pole not only decrease the visual appeal of the poles, but more importantly, they can compromise the integrity so that early replacement is required. That can end up being quite costly over the long run.

Fiberglass is made of plastic reinforced with fibers of glass and as a result of that composition; it is resistant to moisture and temperature. For a commercial flagpole that will not rust or lose color, fiberglass is the answer.

Lightweight Composition and Strength

Fiberglass flag poles are extremely easy to transport and install due to their light weight. A metal pole can easily weight hundreds of pounds depending on the height, but a fiberglass pole is much lighter without giving up any quality.

Although it is a lightweight material, fiberglass is ideal for a commercial flag pole due to the great strength of the material. The wind resistance of fiberglass is excellent particularly with regard to the ratio of strength to wind resistance. If your business is in a zone that suffers from high winds, tornadoes and hurricanes, this can be a great feature.


A fiberglass flag pole is safer than a metal pole. Fiberglass does not attract lightning and does not conduct electricity. This minimizes the risk of harm to your business and employees. In addition it can save money by eliminating the need for extra hardware to ground the flag pole.

Purchasing a commercial flagpole adds to the curb appeal of a business and provides a venue to advertise or celebrate patriotism. Acquiring a flag pole should be an easy and fast process which only needs to be done one time. There is no reason that maintenance needs to be an issue either. Buying a fiberglass flag pole will ensure that your business has a safe and visually appealing commercial flag pole for years to come.

For more information on finding a Commercial Flag Pole for your business or a high quality Fiberglass Flag Pole, please visit http://ameritexflags.com.

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