A Guide To Choosing Wedding Flowers

To say organising a wedding is challenging is an understatement. From guest lists to catering, venue hire to photographers, there is a vast list of considerations. Choosing the flowers is up there with one of the most difficult decisions to make, particularly for someone with limited floral knowledge. Your flowers should reflect your personalities and set the tone for the entire wedding, so picking them is certainly an important task. This guide offers answers to frequently asked questions by guys and girls in the run up to their wedding.

A Guide To Choosing Wedding Flowers

When should I Order the Flowers?

Many people leave ordering the flowers to late, waiting up to as little as 3 months before the big day. Ideally as soon as you have decided on a venue and colour scheme you should order; at least six months before the big day.

What are the First Things to Consider?

Your budget is the most important factor in selecting your flowers; establish a headline figure and work out which flowers are necessary and which are ‘nice to have’. Discuss your budget openly with your florist in order to work out exactly what you can afford.

The venue and colour scheme are also very important, as the flowers must match the theme and style of the venue. Different types of flowers work better in different locations and the size of your venue may be a factor in what you can fit into your floral arrangement. To hire marquees in England’s South East, Google ‘marquee hire Kent’ for more information.

As mentioned, the tone and theme of the wedding should be reflected in your choice of flowers to be sure to have it clearly established when choosing your flowers.

What do different Flowers Mean?

Every type of flower has its own special meaning, so be sure to research what your flowers represent. Popular wedding flowers include stephanotis, which means happy marriage, roses, which are associated with passion and love, and Lilies of the Valley, which symbolise purity. There are certain flowers to avoid too; marigolds for example represent jealousy and grief.

How are the Flowers Supposed to Match?

The flowers should fit in with your overall colour scheme as well as the bridal dress, so make sure you consider both when selecting your flowers.

The dress is the centrepiece of the wedding and so the flowers should be chosen to compliment it rather than direct attention away from it. If the dress is simple and elegant, the flowers should match. The more lavish the dress, the more extravagant one can be with the flower choice. Peaches, pinks and orange flowers compliment off-white dresses perfectly. For white gowns, choose flowers with at least some colour in order to make them stand out in photographs.

In terms of the colour scheme, using varying shades works well without taking unnecessary risks. The detail of blue flowers is lost easily, particularly in photographs. Reds and oranges are daring but can create wonderfully colourful displays.

Do the Flowers have to be Real?

Whilst real flowers look and smell incredible, there is something to be said for choosing silk flowers. Firstly, you can take delivery of them long before the event and have peace of mind knowing that you have ticked a job off the list. Hay fever sufferers will be eternally grateful to you too!

The days of naff plastic roses are gone too; the quality of silk flowers nowadays is extremely high. In fact, many are difficult to separate from the real thing, particularly from a distance. Silk flowers are also slightly cheaper than real flowers too.

What do We do with the Flowers Afterwards?

If you have bought real flowers the only option is to throw the flowers away after the day. Whilst it seems a shame, the flowers won’t keep for longer than a few days. Artificial flowers do not wilt or fade over time as long as they are looked after carefully and so you are free to store them away or even sell them on, if you are on a budget.

Often, couples choose to hire artificial flowers rather than purchasing them. This is a cost effective option and means there is no need to dispose of the flowers after the big day.

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