A Healthcare Account Opened In The Name Of A Dog In Colorado

A man from Colorado using healthcare facilities of the state under ACA, Affordable Care Act stated that due to some confusion an account has been opened in the name of his dog. Shane Smith, the owner of the dog had a previous medical plan which was cancelled because of ACA rules and hence he decided to get connected to the healthcare services via phone and get registered for a new account.

The Fort Collins resident said that he got connected to the phone services for a health insurance account but when he received the confirmation letter regarding the account opening, he found that the account was addressed to his dog, Baxter. This news was reported by KDVR-TV in Denver on Wednesday.

According to Smith, the overall confusion was created as a result of the questions which were asked from him during the phone conversation. The representative asked him about any code for which he game his dog’s name which was then taken up his name and the account was opened in the same name. May be the representative might have misplaced the name and kept it in the wrong slot.

Due to this activity, the impression of ACA is at stake as how can an authority do such silly mistakes. They need to be more careful in rendering the services. Smith said that it was really funny to hear that the account was opened in my dog’s name but how can they insure a dog instead of the person by mistake.

Apart from the fun side of the news, Smith also said that this news has given him enough coverage but has also brought in several hassles like phone calls and other headaches. But he is also worried of the fact that whether the concerned authorities will clear up the mess and he would get a health insurance account under his name.

However, now the mistake has been resolved and the officials have helped him get the account holder’s name changed. The Affordable Care Act’s Connect for Health Colorado stated that earlier the system relied on the information given by the customers but with the upgradation of the system, the mistakes have prominent are get to known only when notified by the customers. They also said that they have been looking forward to remove all the discrepancies and resolve the problems quickly so that the customers do not face any kind of problem.

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