Adsperts Comes Out with a Big Bang

Adsperts Comes Out With A Big Bang

As shopping has moved increasingly to the internet, so too has marketing. In 2012, American consumers spent $289 billion online, with over one million companies taking to Google AdWords to sell a great variety of products.

It’s new and growing territory for business, but one that has yet to be fully mapped. It takes a high level of technical knowledge to manage an effective Google AdWords campaign, one that is almost prohibitively time-consuming and expensive, even given the benefits.

With experience helping companies in 30 countries with their digital marketing presence, Adsperts is looking to provide easier access to the online advertising world. Their new program, the Big Bang Machine, opens up the full potential of Google AdWords for companies who neither want nor need the technical expertise to manage a campaign.

Adsperts Comes Out with a Big Bang

“There are other similar products on the market that allow users to tinker with individual elements,” said COO Stephanie Richter. “But only an expert would really know how to make use of that access, and even then, the time involved usually isn’t worth it. The Big Bang Machine is designed for companies that want to utilize the full power of SEA [search engine advertising] optimization without investing a ton of time and money, that still want control of their ad content and direction, but don’t want to get bogged down in actually creating and positioning the ads.”

The Big Bang Machine is an online dashboard. Users provide the tool with their online Merchant Center Feed, and from there, fill out a quick survey explaining things about the product and the project, including budget information and target audience. From there, the Big Bang Machine does the rest. Users can control the broad details of their advertisements, but don’t have to worry about behind-the-scenes details that aren’t immediately relevant to selling their products.

In the shifting world of commerce and marketing, the Big Bang Machine is a bridge for companies looking to stay current.

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