Advantages and Disadvantages Of Cell Phones

The internet is known as the global village, but the cell phone is also a technology that converted the world into a small village, which everyone can communicate with each other at any time and place, they even do not need to bind themselves in a particular place to contact unlike the internet. After the discovery of cell phones the life of a human being is becoming easier and comfortable day by day as the new technologies are introduced as applications of the cell phones, Now the cell phones are like the basic need of an individual because it seems like that life is boring and incomplete without mobile phones. Sometimes it has just happened to all of us that we forgot the cell phone at home, while going outside or to the office, then we feel like something is missing and incomplete, it is because that we are now used to the mobile phones, and some of the people are crazy about their cell phones, some have a hobby of collecting the cell phones. The new designs and the technologies attract the people towards them cell phone, everyone wishes to have a latest model of the cell phones. Even they were earlier known for the symbol of money, the person with the smart and expensive model of cell phone was known for the rich person, but now everyone has access to the cell phones because of the needs they were adopted and used by the whole world. It is the basic necessity and even when you have to face any trouble or emergency, you can call for help from any of your relative, friends or on emergency numbers on just your finger tips. is a place where you can  buy and sell your desired mobile phones, Now a day’s cell phone are not only for calling, but the new technologies are making them equal to the computer, now they are about messaging too, and many other useful applications. Now you can access the internet from your mobile phone anywhere you want. The Cell phone is also now available according to the fashion and they look attractive and stylish. The cell phone is provided with games which are a mean of entertainment and time pass, and some of the applications are widely being used like Face book and much more fun. They are provided with basic daily need applications like calendar, clock, alarm, reminder, stopwatch and much more. Despite of all the convenience the mobile phones are providing to us, the misuse of cell phone can lead to dangerous incidents like accidents can occur when any one uses the cell phone while driving; cell phones are for making the life easy not more complicated. The balance use of cell phone will benefit you in every prospect; mobile phone is an invention that is helping the mankind in numerous ways that is why everyone agrees on the necessity of cell phones and they are used by almost everyone in the world. The mobile phone is a place of entertainment to pass the time, like you can watch movies, listen to your favorite music and much more.

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