Ahead Of The Curve: 5 Highly-demanded Computer Skills To Develop

Ahead Of The Curve: 5 Highly-demanded Computer Skills To Develop

While IT jobs are aplenty, there are also numerous techs applying for the same jobs that you want. As you’re brushing up on existing skills, consider educating yourself in these areas to strengthen your resume. In a mobile world, many of these skills work together, allowing you to use them for multiple projects.

1. HTML5

When Internet Explorer is compatible with HTML5 and you are skilled at it, you know you’ve got some catching up to do. HTML5, especially in combination with CSS3, makes it easier than ever to design dynamic websites that don’t rely on technologies such as Flash or over-use of images. HTML5 also helps you build responsive sites, which is important because more users than ever browse from their mobile devices.

2. Mobile App Development

You don’t need to learn BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android, but you’ll beef up your resume if you can say that you’re able to develop for at least one of those platforms. If you are already familiar with a couple of them, widen your portfolio by gaining proficiency in a few of the others. This is especially important as sales for Android devices beat sales for Windows PCs. If you’re only able to program for PCs, you’re officially missing out on the majority of users.

Ahead Of The Curve: 5 Highly-demanded Computer Skills To Develop

3. Ruby

On or off the rails, Ruby might just be the next big thing when it comes to programming for the Web. Ruby uses Perl’s string processing, so it has a strong foundation to begin with. In fact, Ruby contains the best elements from several languages and focuses on simplicity and productivity, which makes it easier for many people to learn.

4. Windows 8

Even if you don’t use or like Windows 8, Microsoft is putting its full support behind this operating system. Windows 8 paves the way for both traditional programs and Metro UI apps. One of the perks of developing for Windows at this point is that the app store is less populated, so you can move to the top now before more devs focus their attention in that direction. Get your next Windows project started with help from SolutionStream for .net development to save time by building on the .net library.

5. JavaScript

JS was once a way for you to develop websites; however, Windows 8 changes that landscape. Windows 8 utilized JavaScript on PCs and tablets. You’ll find that your knowledge of HTML5 is also useful when it comes to the way that Windows now handles apps. Of course, you can utilize both to design a rock-solid website, too.

In an uncertain economy, it’s always wise to increase your skills whether you are job searching or simply wish to stand out positively in your current position. These five areas are great to pursue in your efforts to get ahead of the curve.

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