Annoying Drink Trends You Wish You Could Avoid

When you’re out for the night and trying to have a good time with your friends, you’re almost certain to see lots of things done with drinks that you have never seen before. Sometimes these can be fun and quirky, however there can often be trends that seem to catch on that just feel incredibly annoying because they become that common. Below are some of the most annoying trends that you wish would go back to where they came from!

1) Balls of Ice

Annoying Drink Trends You Wish You Could Avoid

At first glance, you might think that this looks quite good. Certainly if they’re included in the brochure for a club they can make quite an attractive photo; however the truth is far from this. In actual fact, the balls of ice that some bar tenders put in your drink can be incredibly annoying, and may make you want to avoid the bar from now on! Not only does it keep hitting you on the nose every time you try to take a sip from your drink, but it also takes up valuable room in your glass where the alcohol should be. Maybe as a one off, decorative feature, it could be good – but not in every single glass that we’re served!

2) Using Tea Mugs for Cocktails

It can be quite confusing when you try and think about why anybody would even think about doing this in the first place, so as a trend, it is definitely up there on the list of the worst. When it first became “trendy”, we may have enjoyed it because it was something different – but now it just seems weird. You’re only supposed to drink tea out of a teapot, not cocktails, it just doesn’t suit the vibe that you’re trying to create when you’re out for a drink.

3) Trying to Make the Most Unique Cocktail

Okay, so we understand that if you’re running a bar, you will want to make sure that you have something unique that you can offer to customers. However, many places have now taken this to a whole new level, and are simply trying to think of the craziest ingredients that they can in an attempt to outdo the competition. Things like flowers have been seen in cocktails – daisies and clovers included, which don’t even look that great – and a lot of the time it just spoils the flavour. If you find something that is unique and tastes good then great, include it, but other than that it’s best to avoid quirky ingredients.

Many people find that they are often deeply annoyed by drinks problems like the ones described above. Although it might not ruin your night completely, it can certainly put a downer on proceedings – particularly if you happen to come across more than one example of annoying drinks habits during your night out. Maybe mention it to the bars you go into on their feedback form – as then they will know what the customers like and what they would much rather avoid in the future!

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